BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have NO idea where and how to start this post. So I think it would be better if I directly come to point.
So the point of this post is to wish my most awesome and beautiful friend Antara a very happy, happy Birthday!
OK, so I KNOW that in these few months, nothing is 'happy' for a 12th class student, especially the ones whose parents bring in new application forms everyday :P but still a birthday is a birthday and especially if it is an EIGHTEENTH birthday!!

Oye Antara cholbe yaar! Voting rights this year!! oho, kya baat!
and you can have an independent bank account, and a driving licence, and you know, hang out with a a big purse under your arm and coolly draw out an ATM card :P :P
I know ki tujhe lag raha hai ki ye ladki kya bakvaas kar rahi hai, but i KNOW ki at present you are grinning like an idiot so mera thoda sa bakwaas chalta hai nai?? :P

I didnt know what else i could have done to wish you a Happy Birthday and i hope this is OK. Tere ghar do din pehle hi gayi to phir se tapak ke nahi pad sakti thi to give you a "18 thumps" on your back.
(vaise bhi main tujhe maarti to tu mujhe ulta hi marti. tu to mujhe aise hi bina matlba ka marti rehti hai :P :P :) :P)

So, i thank you for being this great friend to me- total fun, total crazy(like me), totally caring and oh yes... so amazingly beautiful (don't blush! and don't say TU kya bol rahi hai haan, TU?? :P :P)

Thank you for everything you have given me, for accepting me as your friend with my glitch in the head and all that :P for the long hours you spent talking with me, for the half-mad times we had together, for the ENDLESS fun we had in Bani mam's tuition, for captivating me with your beautiful poems and lovable rants and amazing photography, for trusting me in the most bitter incident of my life, for hugging me when i more than needed the warmth, for listening to ME rant and not minding in the least, for encouraging me, for calling the people who hurt me bitches and ahem... :P, for filling me up with your school gossip, for the common animosity we share against a guy whose name starts with a BIG S and ends with a BIG J and whose middle name is nothing but 'ego' :P :P, for the CRAZY mails we send each other(kya BAKWAAS karte hain yaar hum dono),for scolding me when i get a bit TOO formal :P :P...
For sharing with me the enthusiasm over hot guys and cool music, for pinching me very tightly when a hot dude passes by, for the awesome time we had on Diwali and on Christmas, for reading my first(and last) 'Abhimanyu-Krittika' wala love story,for lending me books from your ENORMOUS collection, for the discusssions we have over books, music, over PEOPLE who more or less steal or books :P, and yes, for the HILARIOUS time we had eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beams and almost puking over the earthworm flavored one!!
Haha!! main to tujhe smell dekh ke hi boli acha nahi hoga. And you were trying so damn HARD to make me eat that vomit flavored one!!
oh... sorry, i got distracted from my list :P kahan thi main??
For ummm... being equally mad about pretty notebooks, especially the ones with yellowed pages that has such an incredible feel(that reminds me, tujhe mera ek notebook dikhana padega :P), for gossiping like old maids, for the times you made me blush over a CERTAIN incident that happened with me and of which you(AND Sattu maharani) fantasied to an extent that got my face BURNING :P :P, for the amazingly warm laugh you have and ofcourse, the beautiful eyes :)
I am very lucky to have a friend like you... and you know i said i was afraid to go college and you asked why... Maybe its because I'm scared, very much scared that i wont get friends like you, or sattu who would hold my hand through EVERYTHING and make me believe everything is for the best...and care for me and love me...
I will miss you like hell Antara, I cant even explain how much... cant even express how much you mean to me... what your friendship means to me... what these times we had together mean to me...
can you believe I am having a lump in my throat right now?? Silly me... :)

OK, emotional atyachaar band karti hun, varna shayad mujhse baat vaat karna chor degi :P
Happy Birthday OK?? accept this as my gift to you. I will get you a proper one later :P
and I umm...I wanted to dedicate a song to you. The first thing that came into my head was this-

I am not the crazy Hannah Montana fan i used to be in class 7-8 but in many ways, i still love this song... i love the lyrics and the way she sings it... and this song would express it better what i wanted to say :)

Bas aur kya (dekhi mera pagal panti, itna BADA post bane ke bol rahi hun 'Bas aur kya' :P)
Happy Birthday once again...
what to say...

TREAT DE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have started writing on a new site and here are few of my stories there-

LOLing :P
yours ever
Kirti :)


  1. Oh.

    First of all woh "i will miss you" wala part ke liye tu jo THAPPAR khayegi...we are going to college...not dying in the war re :-P aur waise bhi...hum dono ko aur koi bear toh kar nahin payega, so hum dono ko ek dusre ke saath hi baat karna padega :-P

    oh my god those two girls are US???!! so beautiful! :-P ek dum humare opposites :-))

    And TU mat bol...beautiful eyes :-P who first gave the compliment to whom dear? :-P

    We and our gossips :-P We are seriously old maids when it comes to that. And the handsome guys *ohmygod* topic toh khatam hi nahin hotaaaa! I mean aaj subah hi tere saath woh *ahem* wala discussion :-P

    Bhak yaar mujhe bolna hi nahin chahiye tha ki woh vomit flavored hain. I should have told citrus or something :-P that earthworm is NOTHING compared to vomit.
    And we had sooooo much fun on Diwali! Can't exclaim over a certain incident here :-P but jo hua!!!

    And don't worry...the things i can fantasize about you know what wala topic... ;) waise TU kuch kam nahin hain. 'Ch...and in...'...sorry main toh BOL bhi nahin paungi wih dono words :-P

    Aur haan...main agar tere saath baat vaat karna chhor di toh main toh mar var jaungi.

    and you literally became one of the closest friends I ever had in such a short span of time. I love how you are unaffected and absolutely unadulterated :-) and you and I are so alike in so many ways that it is CRAZY!

    So...THANK YOU! For this...for everything. For being there for me. For understanding. For the INSANITY that we need in life :-P

    I one rocks the X chromosome like we do ;)

    chal ab main tere saath sms mein resume karti hoon baat :-P hum dono ka kuch nahin hoga :-P

  2. YAY!!!!!
    (patting myself for making you happy :) :P)
    arre mere liye college jana to thousand times war me marne ke equivalent hai :P vaise chinta mat kar... vo din aayega nahi cuz mujhe to kisi ache college me seat hi nahi milega!!
    ughh... that is so pathetic :P

    and he he... apparently ye hum dono hi hain. tu to aisi hi dikhegi sureeee. in that nice red wala dress :P P ka to jo hoga :P :P

    and dekh. Antara. is wale topic ko leke tu mujhe aise hi bohot torture karti hai, atleast mere BLOG pe to reham kar meri MAA :P and tujhe bohot maza aata hai na. ruk... main tera 'C...' and 'I...' wala story reload karti hun. :P :P

    and i LOVE gossiping :) and aaj subah wala topic. and ABHI jo chal raha hai... HEY BHAGWAN. Part of me is thankful ki tu mujhe bol di, and part of me thinks ye b'day wale din rula di yaar... YAAAAAAR mujhe jo sadma laga hai na... main BOL NAHI PAUNGI(vaise ek ghante se yahi to bol rahi hun :P) and you know what, ab to lagta hai we should stick to what we have... Atleast AISA to nahi hai... sigh :P :P

    and sun- KUCH NAHI HUA DIWALI KE DIN... THIKE(glares at Antara) Thike???

    oh BTW... hua kya tha re?? :P

    Arre BAAP re... TERA FANTASY... mera wala to KUCH nahi hai re uske saamne... kuch nahi... tu to mere non-existent story ko kahan kahan pohoncha di. tu ruk. tu just ruk. mera next mail tujhe aisa ulat ke girayega naaa... maa kasam :P :P
    and i KNOW ki tujhe vo do words BOHOTTTTTTT achche lagte hain. thike. no problem. abse unko mere HAR sms and mail me use karungi :P :P

    ditto here :P

    acha acha thike... ab meri itni bhi taarif mat karooo(shinchan style :P)

    And tu kya boli?? kya boli?? 'T' wala word?? kya maar vaar khane ka plan hai kya?? and INSANITY?? thats my middle name :P

    Yeah, we ARE rockers!! KUDOS for that :P

    haan re thike... dukh baant rahe the na... sach me kuch nahi hoga hum dono ka.. :P :P

    Love you :)

  3. Nahin nahin...tu aur college! Woh bhi acha!! Ram ram ye kaise ho sakta hain na? :-P kitna bakwas karegi...limit hain bhi ya nahin :-P

    TU WOH TOPIC YAHAAN PE MAT LA. Waise tu ruk...tere birthday mein main jo photo lagaungi aisa...apne aap ko dekhke tu hi fida ho jayegi...R ka toh chhor hi de.

    Tu C and I shuru kat...main bhi 'sw'...hope tu samjhi main kya bolungi. :-P waise...'sh' bhi hain...
    Blue shirt chahiye ya black Kirtz? :-P

    Main toh phir se jo bhula di thi woh soch ne baithi. Aur tu thik hi boli...humare paas jo hain woh HAZAAR gun better hain.
    Matlab gods in comparison.
    Ok maybe ye kuch zyada hi over ho gaya :-P
    lekin you get the drift na...bap re...MUJHE jo shock mila tha...nothing can compare to it my god.

    Jo hua tha woh main yahaan bolun? :-P mujhe koiiiii problem nahin hain...tu bas bol.nahin nahin bol bas.

    OY...main atleast kuch TRUTH toh rakhi :-P at least the main story was TOTALLY HAPPENED. Mere toh kuch hua bhi nahin aur tu...C and I shuru kar di.
    Waise woh door opening tha...lekin woh KAHAAN se C and I hain? :-P

    Tu ek email bhej...main bhi jo reply bhejungi :-P aur TU kua bol morning I could *HEAR* you blushing. :-P toh chupppp reh.
    Tu bas shuru kar na...main bhi karungi...aur main JO karungi!

    Dekh...teri tareef na karun toh kiski karun :-P waise hum dono ko toh koi aur tareef karenge nahin...

    Ohhhh Nautankiiii....tu jaise T wala word mere ko hazaar baar nahin sunati. :-P

    dukh baantna hi wala dukh bohot HUMONGOUS ban gaya hain abhi :-P

  4. Ufff! Girls Girls :P.
    Should I read the post or your big replies? :D :P.

    Firstly, MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY ANTARA dear :). I hope you have 1000 such birthdays filled with awesome gifts like this ;) :D. I wish that all your wishes and dreams come true and you taste only success :) :D. Happy birthday once again dear :D :).

    Now, back again :P. How much you guys talk :P. Uff! Non-stop :P. Makes me sooo jealous :( :P. But its ok :P. I'm so happy to see such a strong between you both :D :). Be like this forever guys :D ;) :).
    Love you both <3 <3 <3

    PS. Antara you owe me a treat :P

  5. Thanks so much Pooja! Love you

    arre this is nothing. Imagine...we were writing these big replies and also texting and chatting. Since last night. Also there was a long phone call in between. Matlab today we just went on and on and onnnn :-P

    hehe...come over and we'll all go out :-D

  6. :)).
    Oh My God!! You Guys are wayyy to much :P :D.
    I thought I was a chatter box :| :P.

    Hahah! Now now, don't make me want to come running there :P. I have to sit and study :| or you know what will happen :( :P

  7. Be. chup reh. tu mera physics ka haal jante hue bhi ye bol rahi hai *mock horror* main to pata nahi KYA muh leke IIT JEE dene jaungi. BHAGWAAN hi jane...

    ae. start kaun kiya haan?? AND TU WILL YOU PLEASE KEEP 'R' OUT OF THIS!!! ek to main aise hi depressed *you know why* upar se now i am sort of regretting about not sending that mail... but i dont send mails to ppl who have a big, fat EGO :P :P

    And dear, mere birthday me abhi BOHOTTTT time hai :P

    and i have no IDEA what you are talking about :P :P
    are you planning to give me a 'shirt' on my b'day... hmmm... :P :P (LOL)

    seriously yaar... i only keep imagining tentacles... HONESTLY. aur kuch dimag me nahi aata hai.
    and GOD to shayad understatement hai nahi?? :( :( :P :P
    yaar... main to abhi bhi sever shock me hun. emo emo gane sun rahi hun... IMAGINE :P

    ACHA???? TRUTH??? aur vo bhi tere kal wale story main???? dur dur tak nahi hai. KAHIN nahi hai. arre offer and action me BOHOT farak padta hai. and main story?? you lost the essence of it in your fabrications :P and kuch NAHIN HUA???
    DEVI MAA???
    *incredulous looks*
    KUCH NAHI HUA????????????????? ab main shuru karun?? nahin tu bas bol... :P

    dekh jaise TU offer se KAHAN KAHAN leke gayi... matlab KAHAN KAHAN vaise hi maine thode halke phulke manner me tera story banaya... ok?? :P :P tera to MAHA extreme tha :P

    seems like you and ultrasonic ears :-O :-P
    dekh le antara... tera "aa bail mujhe maar wala case ho raha hai lekin" do you SERIOUSLY want me to send you a mail and go on with your story??? i guess you do... phir se "C" and "I" sunne ke liye BETAAB :P
    tadap rahi hai na?? :P

    lol... thik boli. hum dono to currently do dukhiyaari aatmaas standing on Banjar zameen :P :P

    Be main nautanki to tu DOBLE nautanki. aur agar TU double nautanki to pata nahi Suranjana kya hai :P

    BOHOT ZYADA HUMONGOUS HAI yaar... bohot zyada... ewwww..
    :P :P

  8. @Pooja. sorry yaar. tu janti nahi hai hum dono ko. agar kabhi paaglon ki zarurat ho to hame bula lena :P
    and yaar sach me. KAL SE baat kiye hi ja rahe hain kiye hi ja rahe hain. and half the topics would burn anyone's ears.
    as i come to think of it... maybe ALL the topics :P :P
    arre come over dear... we will have awesome fun together :) :P
    and thanks :)
    yes, our friendship IS like glue :)
    love you too :) <3
    and chatter box... ab samajh aaya LIMIT kya hai. hum dono to ESSAYS likh rahe hain replies main :P :P
    and best of luck for exams :)

  9. Kirti,
    I will not even try to match up to you two's comments and I will not even try my hindi here after the awesome hindi tum dono bolte ho.( oops!)

    Anyway, I read this at ria's; I mean she read it out to me..and the way she was talking about you and your blog and this post...she's a keeper man...take my word and I know you alkready know..i cud see how much she cares about you.
    Anyway to you two drama queens, thanks for entertaining me soo much today, Maaza aa gaya...

    And Kirti I LOVE UR BLOGGGGGGGGG. Ur so damn talented; it's not even funny :P


  10. sam,
    (this really feels like we are writing letters isnt it?? :P :P)
    and lol over the HIndi wala part :P you talk as if we both are topes in Hindi speaking :P
    and yeah, i already know... its awesome to have a friend like her :)
    and you know ki mujhe bhi maza aa gaya :P
    and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! you say that to me WHENEVER WE MEET OR TALK!!!!! thanks :)
    and oh, do i need to mention i love your blog too?? and your dancing also??? :P :P

  11. What a post for a friend Kirti!
    Antara and you seem to be the best of friends, May your friendship grow with time.
    Many Many returns of the day Antara :)

  12. @Kirti abhi time nahin hain reply karne ke liye :-P waise mein reply toh bhej hi chuki hoon.

    @Sam awiiyyyy THANK YOU SAMMY BELLE!!! I love you for skipping into my house with a cake in your hand and then dancing it out with me! You just made the days end PERFECTLY! I love you so frickin much!!!

    @Arti yes she is truly one of my loveliest and closest of friends. :-D Thank you SO much! I never expected my birthday to turn out to become SO much fun and special. I truly have.the world's most wonderful friends in my life.

  13. @Arti Di thank you :) and i am glad she loved it so much :) and yes we ARE truly very very close. lucky to have such an awesome friend!

  14. Reading your post and comments (well, I read the post but just the SIZE of the comments) I cant believe that you two live next door and can talk to each other face to face!!!
    This is such a wonderful gift Antara, from NS!
    Really touching, great. Happy Birthday Antara:)

  15. @DS LOL :P seems really hard to believe that na?? we act as if we are 'talk-starved' :P and you wont believe ki B'day ke din, we talked on phone, and were sms-ing to and fro the entire time. uske upar essay length comments :P
    and thanks for stopping by Mr.Busy.DS!!!! :) :P

  16. @DS first of all i am sorry i haven't been commenting on your blog. But i really barely get time to comment.
    Thank you so much.
    Yeah...i think we would be like this even if we lived together :-P my mom was like "kirti won't run away...and birthdays will come again...go study my maa" and i as usual didn't listen :-P

  17. o.O phew! I had a hard time reading the post... as well as those long comments..... abe kitni yaari hai tum dono mein !!??? :O :P N but the post was really very cute ... i wish and hope ki tum logo ki friendship aur bi long-lasting ho..... :D :D and full of INSANITY! :P

    PS - Belated Happy bdae Antara.. :D :P ;)

  18. @Ankit. i can understand :P and yaari?? oh you have no idea. and thanks for your wishes :)
    and insane? that we are :P no doubts :P

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  21. Nice post, i enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your birthday wishes for your friend.


  22. Thanks for sharing this one, I really enjoyed it !! Love also your birthday card design and its meaningful message. Keep it up !!


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