A little more about me...

I am Kirti Nemani.
Came on this earth on 9th June 1995 with no prior idea that I would be blogging one day.
Kharagpur, West Bengal is the place I call my home.

Books, music and writing are my biggest passions; listed in no particular order. These are the things that keep me sane; considering the nut-case I really am :D

My life is a patchwork of everything- happiness, amusement, boredom, sometimes frustration, sometimes elation.... but that is how life should work... I guess.

I have a great family and great friends; people who rule my heart but there is always enough space for more people isn't it? ;)
I can be extremely shy with strangers, on the other hand I am completely frank and free with the people I know.
I love talking (yes, people who know me know this already :D) and I love listening other people talk. I love it when people tell me their stories, so if you have a story to tell, I am all ears :D

My blog is something more than just a page in the web- it is something that truly reflects me; the half crazy, half mad, half emotional(umm 3 halves?? :P ) girl who is trying to figure out what she wants from her life. The figuring out part will go on I guess; meanwhile I take a break and write what I feel :D 
You would find my poems, stories and rants here; things I have strung up from the words that come from the bottom of my heart.

This acrostic would describe my blog a lot better :)

Enough of reading about me. Go and take a look at my blog :D



  1. :) well you sure make me smile with all your kindness:)

    It is so nice to get to know you more:)


  2. thanks Layla :) you sure make ME smile too :)
    im glad you visited my blog :)

  3. Nice to meet another young writer. Keep up the work. :)

  4. ok now as i came to know a bit more about you... from now onwards no 'ji'... only Kirti :)

  5. "I can be extremely shy with strangers, on the other hand I am completely frank and free with the people I know"
    Just like me... :P
    Amazing description


  7. you have been tagged in one of my posts. You can find it Here

  8. Hm.. a good way to describe oneself.. I'm glad now that I accidentally came up to your blog through IndiBlogger.. will follow regularly from now on.. keep writing, and keep rendering that smile on us.. :)

  9. This is a "little" more? o.O

  10. Hi. How do i connect with you for reviews. Could you please email me at thereaderscosmos@gmail.com

  11. Hi, My name is Marina and I work for Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai.
    I love you blog and specially your intro.
    I would love to send books to you for reviews. Please do contact me if you are interested mediarelations@jaicobooks.com

  12. i am proud that i study in same college as yours...

  13. Three halves?! 😂😂 it's a great experience reading your blog.

    Your new fan,


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