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I decided that I had grown up enough and neglected my blog enough for a long time to finally sit down and edit my childish "A little more about me" to "About me". 

To those who are familiar with my blog, well, you know all about it and to those who are new, I want to say thank you and welcome. I started this blog in 2010 when I was in the 10th standard and had vague but hopeful dreams of becoming an author of some sort. 
This blog was my channel to make my words reach people because words connect hearts all over the world in such miraculous ways. 

I did not become an author of some sort :P 

I became a Chemical Engineer instead and currently, I am trying to make my mark in the field of water. 

This blog is and always will be the embodiment of a young girl's voice and feelings and emotions and you will find it filled with stories and poems and rants (which are embarrassing now :P). I still write here sometimes, when I feel a desperate ache in my heart to make my emotions sing in words again. 

Thank you, reader, for taking interest in my space :)


  1. :) well you sure make me smile with all your kindness:)

    It is so nice to get to know you more:)


  2. thanks Layla :) you sure make ME smile too :)
    im glad you visited my blog :)

  3. Nice to meet another young writer. Keep up the work. :)

  4. ok now as i came to know a bit more about you... from now onwards no 'ji'... only Kirti :)

  5. "I can be extremely shy with strangers, on the other hand I am completely frank and free with the people I know"
    Just like me... :P
    Amazing description


  7. you have been tagged in one of my posts. You can find it Here

  8. Hm.. a good way to describe oneself.. I'm glad now that I accidentally came up to your blog through IndiBlogger.. will follow regularly from now on.. keep writing, and keep rendering that smile on us.. :)

  9. This is a "little" more? o.O

  10. Hi. How do i connect with you for reviews. Could you please email me at thereaderscosmos@gmail.com

  11. Hi, My name is Marina and I work for Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai.
    I love you blog and specially your intro.
    I would love to send books to you for reviews. Please do contact me if you are interested mediarelations@jaicobooks.com

  12. i am proud that i study in same college as yours...

  13. Three halves?! 😂😂 it's a great experience reading your blog.

    Your new fan,

  14. Nice one kirti.... In my view you have good writing capabilities just like your Grand father and gore forefathers. So please make this hobby as your profession. All the best. @Madhavi pinni

    1. What a pleasant surprise to see your comment here Pinni! Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my blog :) And thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot :)


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