Thursday, November 24, 2011

Award acceptance post

Hi there people!!!
It has been a really hectic week and it does NOT help that i am down with cold and fever :(
well, to say that i am excited about the annual day would be an understatement (sorry for repeating the same dialogue again :P ) I am HYPER excited!! This is our LAST chance to do something worthwhile and of course we twelfth graders were not going to miss it!!!
Everything is in a complete mess of course, with nothing ready for the anchoring but we still have time till monday(the big day's on Wednesday) and i am hopeful that we can manage.

So, the point of this post was actually partly to fill in the recent details and partly to serve the purpose of the award acceptance post this week. Thanks to the Poetry Palace team once again!! i am more than thrilled to get this of course :)

and i would like to nominate Saru Singhal for next week.She is a great poet, a wonderful blogger and sometimes i cant help wishing i could meet her in person :)

Anyways, a new poem coming up soon :)

still coughing,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The warriors of human life

Hi!! sorry for neglecting my blog yet again. but what to do, i am hardly getting any time to BREATHE, let alone open my comp and make a post. Now i can finally understand why class 12 is said to be hectic.
so anyways, I wrote this poem suddenly while i was reading for a chemistry test and i finally got time today to sit and type it!!



'Cause we were hit by a lightning bolt
a charred mass was our shrivelled skins
our mighty hearts were dead of revolt
our minds, the grave were both akin.

Barely alive, in a despondent state
our good hearts were the only flame
illuminating dark paths of our fate
helping us to live a life again.

Through slit like eyes we saw beauty
one morn, as we were in search of drink
alas! we couldn't claim it our booty
we knew what desires and dreams could bring.

We shut our eyes and crawled away
but the beauty followed like a stubborn shade
"claim my gaiety and let me stay
lest i will soon flicker and fade!"

But We The Warriors Of Human Life
flung our swords at the illusionary spark
its shimmer and glitter broke on our knife
and we again, were plunged in dark.

But then came the shining sun
its incandescence warming our core
and blooming flowers showered in tons
the Angels above singing our lore.

We The Warriors Of Human Life
had written our names in history's gold
conquering our way in every strife
we let the story of our courage unfold.

We accepted our wrong on a bed of spades
and let our sins burn our spree
but at the end our good unlocked the heavenly gates
and finally, our valiant souls were free.