Saturday, December 25, 2010

The blanket of nature

Bees come buzzing their tune
spreading their hum under the moon
I sit and stare at the heavenly sight
the beauty of nature in the sight

the flowers sigh as the day ends
their petals close, their stems bend
seeking the earth that holds them strong
the very origin to which they belong

The glittering stars play hide and seek
amidst the clouds from where they peek
the blanket of serenity over the vales
the aura of whose beauty never pales

The gentle wind ruffles my hair
the breeze and its breath making a pair
spreading their fragrance so sweet
that my awestruck heart skips a beat

I sigh with pleasure in the cold
as the arms of nature have me in their hold
My eyes droop as the night croons
a lullaby so magical that i sleep to the tune

Friday, December 17, 2010

A realization...

“When my time comes, forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some, reasons to be missed…
Don’t resent me, and when you’re feeling empty;
Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest, leave out all the rest..”
Most of us are familiar with the above lines which are taken from a beautiful song by Linkin park- the heartthrob band of many; including me. The first time I heard this song, I was so overcome with an emotion I couldn’t place that I learnt the entire song and for the next two months, my mother had to endure me singing it every time I opened my mouth.
                                Many years later the same words were thrown at me with such an expressive note, that I could understand the actual meaning of the beautiful words…..”When you’re feeling empty, keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest”- this was precisely what I friend of mine had texted me when I had said that I was feeling empty. Though that person always somehow manages to make me forget my troubles, this was the best way anyone could have reassured me.  When I got the message, I thought it was a poem and there was more to it. I scrolled down but it had ended there. Reading the familiar lines again, the mechanism of my brain clicked together, the words strung together and I realized that it were those very lines I used to sing on the top of my voice. But this realization was nothing. Realizing the true meaning of the words, when I saw myself in the same pretext was more numbing. I sat there, the words sinking into every cell of my body; and surprisingly I felt hopeful again. That tiny part of me that never wants to die sprang up again and set me to work. My heart brushed away me head aside and together we collaborated to write this small article that truly comes straight from my heart. The first happy one I have written since ages. The first one I actually wrote smiling; not the fake smile, but that uplifting of the corners of my lips that spread tingling warmth all through my frozen body. Maybe it was the feeling behind the words, or it was the meaning behind them, or it was the love behind them; I don’t really know. But they made me smile. And when I came running inside the house, only to listen to the song again, I felt tears in my eyes….  Those few lines made me content of the fact that there was at least one person, however far who was bothered when I was unhappy and did all that was possible to make my face lit up again. And this silent wordily presence is more than what I wanted.
                             It made me finally realize that maybe I have made a few true friends in this changing, false world after all. And there is only one thing I can say…. THANK YOU.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My wish impossible

I wish there was someone,
with whom i could talk carefree..
instead of the daily conversations
I hold with the silent trees...

I wish there was someone,
to wipe my tears and make me wink..
instead of the kindly earth
that soaks my tears as I blink...

I wish there was someone,
who filled my silent heart with chatter...
instead of the sympathetic rain,
that keeps me company with its patter...

I wish there was someone,
to wake me up in the morning light...
instead of the cuckoo birds,
which come as the day shines bright...

I wish there was someone,
who tickled me to make me smile...
instead of the nodding primroses,
whose expanse can be seen from miles...

I wish there was someone,
whose breath calmed me in despair..
instead of the soothing breeze,
that comes when no one cares...

I wish there was someone,
to take away my false facade...
instead of the falling leaves,
that remind me of the identity I fake...

I wish there was someone,
to hold my hand through it all...
instead of the watchful trees,
that support me as i fall...

I wish there was someone,
to hug me me when I m cold...
instead of the mighty sun,
who envelops me in his warm folds...

I wish there was someone,
whose mere presence makes me write...
instead of my nature friends,
that never ever leave my sight...

I wish there was someone,
who inspires me to write all along the way...
instead of MOTHER NATURE,
who encourages me when my night obscures my day...
when my night obscures my day.... 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I find peace amidst the turmoil i feel
sitting under a shady tree
I escape from the world
going far away until i'm free..

I try to find a place
where no one can actually see
the pain issuing from my tears
which have now become a part of me...

I try to reach a serenity
where I dont have to pretend anything
my hiding place between the pages
which soak my tears as i blink...

I take away the mask
I keep wearing each day
I try to listen to my heart
giving it a chance to say...

I shed away the fake skin
like the bark shed by a tree,
to expose the delicate part
which I hope no one sees..

But the external agencies get to work
hurting me from every side
resulting in red gashes
which I cant anymore hide...

So I barr them all
every hurt, every sore
I take in all the pain
and it only keeps on getting more...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A piece that dominates my heart rather than my mind...

There is a small peculiar weed in my garden at home. I call it peculiar because of all the weeds present in there, it was the only one that caught my attention. Talking on phone with my friend, I stamped it with unduly force because I was upset at that time. I kept on rubbing it, a small part of mind disturbed about the fact that It wasn’t getting uprooted by its roots. Finally successful, I stamped on it for the last time and went inside. Two days later when I was roaming aimlessly in the garden, the previous incident flashed across my mind for no reason and just out of curiosity I went back to the same place. I could recognize the place pretty fast as I had scraped out a tiny patch in order to stamp that tiny weed. To my surprise and illogical anger, I found that weed back in place, waving its tiny head merrily in the breeze (this was my imagination...). I felt angry for no reason. I stamped it back again this time with added force. I almost laughed at my stupidity. A small piece of plant nagging my mind. I already had wasted so much of my precious time behind it. I went back inside my home, and this time the incident was still in my memory and my freaky gut-sense said that this wasn’t something that was going to be over soon. The next morning, before I went to the school, I made it a compulsion to check whether that weed has met its end or not. This time there was no disappointment. I had succeeded!! Triumphant I went to the school, my mind very content and full, but my heart somehow didn’t give me peace….
                              Back at home In the afternoon, I went back into the garden and the sight that my eyes left me dumbstruck. That insignificant weed was back in place, not happy and smiling this time, a bit drooping but still there. A fierce rage struck me and I lifted my foot again but an emotion stronger than rage struck me and I sat there with a thump. I gazed at the poor plant, feeling so ashamed of myself that my eyes filled with tears.  They spilled on the earth, the soft soil absorbing my pain, my guilt, my sin… cruelty struck me dumb and the emotions that whirl winded around me were staggering. Why was I so intent on stamping the tiny weed to death when it sprouted back again and again with the ardent desire to live??? Why was I so bothered by the existence of the tiny, insignificant plant that had absolutely no connection with my life??? Was I actually so guileless that I was worried about the happiness of the things around me???

And the answers I got were more staggering. It wasn’t other people or people around me I was stamping. It was a part of me and me alone. That part that endlessly tried to have an existence of its own…  That part that sprouted back again and again despite my attempts to stamp it to death…… That part that held the softest, most sensitive and most EXPRESSIVE part of me… that part that chose to WRITE its feelings... to tell people how much importance they held in my life… how much they meant for me… but most important of all what writing actually meant to me….

I won’t say more. I have already said a lot. But hopefully the message is reached. I act according to the will of my mind, which is influenced by the people around me. But the will of my heart is elsewhere. Its happiness isn’t merely with flashing teeth and laughing at stupid jokes. And I was stamping out that will. I do succeed sometimes… like I thought I had succeeded in stamping that weed out. But that part grows back, time and again and that budding head trying to come out gives me so much pain. And any amount of external force can’t subside it. Can’t kill it. This is a message to all the people around me who think I write to show-off. Who think I am silly to take English seriously. Who make fun of my poems. Who find out dirty meaning of the lines I write with so much love and passion. I might laugh outwardly with you people, stamping my inner part, but it does come out. And when it does, its in this way……..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

For my friends

I’m feeling cold,
Come closer and hold…
I’m shaking with fright,
Come and make my world bright…
I’m searching for light,
Come within my sight….
I’m burning in pain,
Come and soothe my strain…
I’m tired of this despair,
Come and make my life fair…
I’m broken with tears,
Come and speak in my ears….
I’m at the height of my sorrow,
Come and inspire me to live for tomorrow…
I’m solitary in my thoughts,
Come and tell me its time that I fought…
I’m crying in the endless night,
Come and spread your visage so bright..
I’m searching for a friend,
Come and tell me that you are there till the end…

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Combined poetry...(By Kirti and Mohit)

Bitter memories are like tough stains,
On our hearts blanket,
We wash them but they stay,
And cause un wanted pain.

A friend tries to cover that stain...
Struggles hard to diminish that pain...
But sometimes the attempt can be in vain...
And the desperation drives you insane...

When bitterness stains our hearts,
Drive us crazy and we just wanna tear apart,
A part of us is destroyed,
And our soul distorted.

I try to put broken pieces back...
But I feel something lacks,
The void always remains inside...
Your heart is bitter, though you try to hide...

When something inside you is gone,
And you dont know what it was.
You feel as if you're hollow,
And creat a shield so that none can your heart, follow.

The hollow void makes you burn...
Your heart screams and your insides churn...
But the pain merely drives you inside...
And throughout your life it never subsides...

The pain become a part of your being,
It feels as if its always been.
Your soul maimed,
Your heart forever changed.

To the love of my life

When the tides of pain wreck my heart
the force and upbeat slamming my dreams,
when the celestial darkness refuses to part
eclipsing my hopes, issuing my screams
                   Sweet pen, ensue your glory upon my head,
                   apply your calming balm to stop my pain spread......

Whenever the night fall brings despair
despondence shrouding my insides,
when life begins to seem so unfair
that my tormenting soul never subsides
                  Sweet pen, extract my thoughts and let them flow
                  so that their existence revives me from the blow.....

Should disappointment knock at my door
when sorrow beckons to seize my heart
so helpless that i flail on the floor
as it keeps a watchful eye in case i dart
                  Sweet pen, entangle my threads from the dark
                  and wave your magic wand to light a spark...

Whenever the ones i hold most dear
lead me to a pain worse than death
when all my sides envelop with fear
numbing my speech and stopping my breath
                  Sweet pen, erase the bonds that make me weak
                  and take my writing to the highest peak....

And as the sun rises over the vales
unearthly beauty spreading its realm,
brighten my words so the darkness pales
despondence, despair, dejection replaced by calm
                  Sweet pen, do the honor of resurrecting my soul
                  and guide me unhindered to my goal....