I find peace amidst the turmoil i feel
sitting under a shady tree
I escape from the world
going far away until i'm free..

I try to find a place
where no one can actually see
the pain issuing from my tears
which have now become a part of me...

I try to reach a serenity
where I dont have to pretend anything
my hiding place between the pages
which soak my tears as i blink...

I take away the mask
I keep wearing each day
I try to listen to my heart
giving it a chance to say...

I shed away the fake skin
like the bark shed by a tree,
to expose the delicate part
which I hope no one sees..

But the external agencies get to work
hurting me from every side
resulting in red gashes
which I cant anymore hide...

So I barr them all
every hurt, every sore
I take in all the pain
and it only keeps on getting more...