For my friends

I’m feeling cold,
Come closer and hold…
I’m shaking with fright,
Come and make my world bright…
I’m searching for light,
Come within my sight….
I’m burning in pain,
Come and soothe my strain…
I’m tired of this despair,
Come and make my life fair…
I’m broken with tears,
Come and speak in my ears….
I’m at the height of my sorrow,
Come and inspire me to live for tomorrow…
I’m solitary in my thoughts,
Come and tell me its time that I fought…
I’m crying in the endless night,
Come and spread your visage so bright..
I’m searching for a friend,
Come and tell me that you are there till the end…


  1. nyc one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks a lot... u already know this one though...

  3. Oh my god .. which special friend of yours has such special abilities dear .. tell me .. i wanna be his/her frnd too .. newayz awesome one

  4. thanks sohan.. i dedicated this to all my frnds actually.. but specially to the ones who stand by my side ALWAYS.. like my best frnds.. and a few more ppl..


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