To the love of my life

When the tides of pain wreck my heart
the force and upbeat slamming my dreams,
when the celestial darkness refuses to part
eclipsing my hopes, issuing my screams
                   Sweet pen, ensue your glory upon my head,
                   apply your calming balm to stop my pain spread......

Whenever the night fall brings despair
despondence shrouding my insides,
when life begins to seem so unfair
that my tormenting soul never subsides
                  Sweet pen, extract my thoughts and let them flow
                  so that their existence revives me from the blow.....

Should disappointment knock at my door
when sorrow beckons to seize my heart
so helpless that i flail on the floor
as it keeps a watchful eye in case i dart
                  Sweet pen, entangle my threads from the dark
                  and wave your magic wand to light a spark...

Whenever the ones i hold most dear
lead me to a pain worse than death
when all my sides envelop with fear
numbing my speech and stopping my breath
                  Sweet pen, erase the bonds that make me weak
                  and take my writing to the highest peak....

And as the sun rises over the vales
unearthly beauty spreading its realm,
brighten my words so the darkness pales
despondence, despair, dejection replaced by calm
                  Sweet pen, do the honor of resurrecting my soul
                  and guide me unhindered to my goal....


  1. thanks people..its different from my usual writing style... i wrote it with gr8 passion...

  2. lovely poem kirti nice............ really.........

  3. some of my frnds said that my previous writing style is much better...@anil bava.. wht do u think???

  4. well the way u express urself is still the same......the flow , the ease n all still remains the same....lovely poem

  5. thanks a lot... it was inspired by "to hope" by John keats... im loving his poems more and more as i understand the depth of the poems...

  6. this was very very nice. i loved the change...keep experimenting with the meters girl :)you're doing awesome!



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