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Dove: The origins

Lily gazed down with increasing excitement at the black leather diary she had unwrapped from its gift cover. The diary looked quite ordinary from outside; dark brown textured leather with subtle carved embossing at the corners to give it an ancient look and feel. Yes, the diary looked pretty ordinary from its cover but what was extraordinary about the diary was the small golden scribbling on it which said “Tom Marvolo Riddle”.

  • ·         Replica of Tom Riddle’s diary, Horcrux of Lord Voldemort.
  • ·         Officially licensed Harry Potter collectible.
  • ·         From the movie Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.
  • ·         Contains blank pages, may or may not contain the Dark Lord.

These were the product specifications that came along with the package.

“May or may not contain Lord Voldemort”. Though Lily knew it was stupid to fantasize something so highly improbable, she felt a surge of thrill rush into her blood as she opened her precious gift.

It looked exactly how she had imagined it, or even better. The pages were a dull cream color and looked more like parchment than ordinary paper. Lily instantly wished for a quill to write on it, and complete the magical ‘Harry potter’ effect.

Yes, Lily Edmonte was a die hard potterhead, ever since she was caught into the magical world of JKR at the age of 10. So when she saw the ad of the diary on a FB Harry Potter fan page, she begged her dad to get it for her birthday. And finally, after a long wait, her priceless dream diary was in her hands. Without wasting further time, she unscrewed the top of her ink pen and wrote in her childish, bold scribbles-

“My name is Lily Edmonte”, she wrote, copying Harry’s words from his first experience with the riddle diary.

Though she wasn’t expecting anything to happen, she still sat with bated breath for a while.

Only to meet that expected disappointment.

“Never mind Lily. Voldy or no Voldy, this is still such an awesome diary to write on!” she consoled herself.

And that was when the magic started.

The words she had written… disappeared.

(So anticlimactic wasn’t it? :P)

She screamed and jumped out of her bed, staring at the diary in shock. Her parents scrambled into the room to inspect the nature disturbance and it took her a long time to explain its cause.

“It… it… disappeared” she managed to splutter.

“My words! They disappeared! Just like they did in the books!” she elaborated seeing her parent’s confusion.

“You are just imagining it baby. You are tired and excited with the party today. Get some rest honey” her mother said soothingly.

“No!”, Lily shouted “daddy look. LOOK. There are still traces of my pen scribbles. I am not imagining it!”

Her father inspected the diary and started smiling “Look Martha, how clever these people are” he said, as his wife joined him curiously. “See the paper here. Its thicker than normal paper is. I think what went in there concealed cleverly beneath the layers of parchment” he looked around to see if he had their attention. “Blotting paper” he finished, looking pleased with himself.

“And it must be a pretty good one too, to leave no trace of ink” it was her mother this time, looking impressed.

But lily couldn’t digest such a simple explanation for the first magical thing that happened with her. So it was a thoughtful and brooding little girl who went to bed that night, after her parents kissed her goodnight for the second time.

“It cant be just blotting paper. That’s too simple an explanation!” she thought.
She opened the diary again, staring at the blank page that had sucked in her ink and oozed out nothing but disappointment. “Write back Tom. Write back!” she pleaded but nothing happened.

She sighed and was about to shut it when she spotted something unusual.

A drop of INK.

Before she could even start to digest what was happening, the magic started the second time. The diary started writing back, but what it wrote was something no one could ever expect.

“Hello Lily Edmonte. My name is Lily Evans”

Lily stared and stared. She pinched herself twice to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and after the second rather painful confirmation, she realized that it was happening. It was really happening.

“Are you really Lily?” she wrote, to make sure it wasn’t old Voldy with his bag of tricks.

“Of course. This is my diary. From my 4th year at the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.”

“This isn’t a horcrux?”

“A… what??”

“Never mind. You are able to write back to me. Can you show me your memories too?”

“Of course. Memories are what my diary is all about.”

“But… how does that work?”

“Why don’t you join me so that I can show you in person?”

After that it happened exactly like it happened in the book, may you rot in misery if you haven’t read the book :P

Lily felt solid ground beneath her feet after something that felt very similar to a hair raising roller coaster ride. Blurred shapes came into focus slowly and to her surprise she saw a red headed girl standing beside her, smiling.

Lily looked around her, to make sure the girl was looking at her. “Can you see me?” she asked.

“Of course” said the girl, who could only be Lily Evans, with the trademark green eyes and flaming red hair.

“So how come… I am here in your memory?” Little Lily asked her.

“I enchanted this diary in a way that I could record my memories in it and revisit them later. So whoever I choose can see them with me” Lily explained.

“Like a video recording camera!!” Lily crowed in excitement. “Er… so which memory are we in right now” she said hurriedly seeing Lily Evans’s curious glance.

Lily cleared her throat “This memory is a very special and memorable one because this is when I did something really helpful for a friend of mine and made something that helped everyone in years to come”

“My friend suffered from really pathetic hair trouble. Hair fall, grimy hair that looked oily and dirty all the time, hair that would stench from half a mile away. My friend didn’t care much about physical appearance but as we grew older, people started noticing things you wouldn’t expect people to notice in a school of magic. Anyways, when the taunts and the mockery got too much to bear, my friend broke down completely and sort of… stopped socializing and became bitter and withdrawn.
I wouldn’t have known about all this if I hadn’t gone into Myrtle’s bathroom once… you know who Moaning Myrtle is right?” She asked lily.

Lily nodded hurriedly, not wanting her to stop.

“So Myrtle, the sick sadist she is, took particular glee in telling me how my friend spent most of the free time moping and pouring about hair troubles to her, who by the way, doesn’t have very impressive hair herself” Lily said contemptuously, running fingers through her own spectacular mane of red hair.
Little Lily felt conscious suddenly; she had never bothered much about her own hair.

“So I decided to help my friend out but it was a bit tricky as that person usually avoided any sorts of confrontation and turned particularly rude and aloof. I first checked the truth of this matter by sneaking into my friend’s inbox one day which confirmed Myrtle’s tale as it contained several messages seeking help  from reputed hair care companies and…”

“Wait… hold on. INBOX??? MESSAGES??” Lily asked in shock.

“Surely you know about Inbox and the communication tablet we use to send short messages to each other in the school and beyond?” Lily Evans asked, taking out a small square tablet from her own robes which looked like the primitive brother of the cell phones we use today. Except, it had no numbers.

“Of course I know about Inbox and messages and cell phones but what are they doing HERE?” Lily asked baffled.

“Cell phones?” She looked at her curiously. Then light dawning on her face she said “Is that what you call these in your world?”

Lily nodded.

“Don’t mind it dear but the muggles do have this habit of copying our ideas sometimes.” Lily Evans said, assuming a slightly superior tone.

“Anyways, so I went ahead and confronted this friend of mine. After a lot of coaxing the matter was finally revealed to me and to end my closest friend’s misery, we decided to find a solution ourselves. For seven weeks, we concocted a potion, even stealing from Prof Slughorn’s personal store which wasn’t too hard, sitting at stolen hours in Moaning Myrtle’s abandoned bathroom amidst her wails and mourning, and after a lot of changes and experimentation, we finally got the product of our dreams. It was so beautiful, it frothed and bubbled issuing a delicious, warm scent, and it shimmered like the soft wings of bird. It looked so clean and pure that we named it… Dove…”

“And then…” Lily asked in a whisper.

“The beautiful potion had only to come in contact with my friend’s hair, and everything changed just after the first wash. The grime and dirt accumulated for years with bitterness was washed away leaving soft, silky hair that smelled and felt wonderful. My friend was overjoyed with the instant result and we sent a sample of this beautiful potion to a famous hair care company so that other people across the world facing hair trouble could heave a sigh of relief too. My friend ended up as the brand ambassador of this company and was seen holding a bottle of our potion with a sunny smile saying and that was the end of my hair problems!’ “finished Lily, smiling a sunny smile herself.

“That is… such a wonderful story Lily!” Lily Edmonte crowed with delight.

“I know. It’s a true pleasure to see your friends happy Lily. And since you are my little friend now, I would like to make you happy too” She swished her hand swiftly once and a small, beautiful packet with two bottles came floating up to her.

“Thank you so much Lily!! This has to be the best birthday gift ever!” she squealed.
Lily smiled and hugged her. “You are most welcome dear. Off you must go now; you must be in bed by this time!”

Lily stood back amidst fiercely blowing wind again when she suddenly remembered something and shouted “You didn’t tell me who this friend was!”

Lily Evans smiled and said “It was my best friend… Severus Snape…”


“This is such a crappy idea Kush! Its too lame to even THINK about writing! I think I should just trash it and be done with it” said Ruhi in frustration, mindless plucking the grass beside her.

“No its not. Its funny and original. OK, it is crazy no doubt and you humor in writing needs wee bit more honing but it’s worth a shot! It doesn’t matter you win or not, you would still have a good story on your blog Ruhi!” Kush said gently.

“It SOUNDS good. I doubt if it would READ good.” She said dejectedly.

“It would. Trust yourself. Come on Ruhi, you can do this!” he encouraged her.

Ruhi looked at him and whispered “Maybe I will…”

“That’s the spirit. And by the way, your hair looks beautiful today” he said, running his fingers through them. “Wonderfully SOFT…”

Ruhi smiled and said “I know. The wonderful ‘potion’ of Dove put an end to my hair problems too” she winked as Kush laughed. 

This was written for a Dove contest on Indiblogger.
Dove has an awesome hair aware application. Check it out here!

This is purely a work of fiction. Thanks to J.K.Rowling for making awesome characters like Snape and Lily!! :D :)

And yeahhh. The diary EXISTS. It really DOES!! someone get it for me PLEASE!
Here you are. And i fell out laughing reading the description.

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Tag Time!!

Firstly, a million apologies to Leo who tagged me for this task a longggggggg time back but I never made the reply post. Pretty mean of me huh? :P

And now when Apala tagged me for a very similar king of tag post, I decided to club both posts into one :P
(No need to praise my laziness separately, I am already patting my back for saving time :P aahhhh :P)

So here are the rules:
The Rules -
  • Link back the blogger who tagged you.
  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.
  • Tag eleven new bloggers.
  • Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
  • Inform them about the tag.

Dealing with Leo's 11 questions first:

If you could change your name to any other, what would it be? (Same name can’t be the answer)
Well, thing is, I love my name a lot to even think about changing it :P but since it is compulsory to come up with something, I guess it would be 'Madeline' :P There used to be this show on Disney when I was kid by the same name and needless to say, I used to love watching it. Another reason for why 'Madeline' would be that you could call me 'Maddy' for short and that pretty much describes my mental state most of the times :P :P

How would you change your worst nightmare into a most beautiful dream?
Simple. Bring in a hot guy(preferably Jensen :P) and imagine him saving my life through the worst nightmares :P
Meh Leo, that was too easy for me!! :D

The one person who can make you to smile even in the darkest of times?
My mother. There is no other person who can make me smile and feel reassured the way she does :)

An addiction that you have never regretted?
Music. I am ADDICTED to music and I have never regretted it in my life and I never will :)

An addiction that you have always regretted?
Errrr. Come on!! I dont have any bad habits!! :P
Ummmmmm... I really dont have any addictions that I regret as such :P

What defines weakness in a person?
Thinking that you are 'weak' itself drives out the last bit of courage and strength in you. Its like thinking about failure before you even stand at the stating line.

Favorite dessert?
I know this one!! :P CCD ka chocolate fantasy with two LARGE scoops of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup :D yummmmmmmmy :D

What food perks you up when you are feeling low?
Chocolate :) 

Favorite movie of all time?

Does the look of a blog tell of the quality of its content too?
In my blog-reading experience, yes. Though it may not be always.

A suggestion for my blog
I love it the way it is :) 

Now its time for Apala's answers!

What is the first think that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Black'?
Light. You cant appreciate the power of light until you realize the numbing power of darkness 
(Excuse me if that sounds far-fetched :P)

Who is the most important person in your life and why?
My mother. She means everything to me; something much more than a parent. She is understanding, compassionate, calm, patient, beautiful.. She is the safe harbor I have in my life; I may be ditched by the entire world, but I know that she wont ever leave my side and stop loving me :)

What is/will be your expectation from a relationship with your partner?
Understanding and trust that wont be broken at any point of time...
(But let me get a partner first!! :D :P)

If you had not been in the profession that you are in today, what would have chosen and why? 
Errr... not into any profession yet :P

Name something that you do when you are alone and wouldn't do when you are with people.
Meh. Talk to myself. I like talk to myself and imaginary people around me a LOT. And its certainly not something I would do in public; wouldnt want to prove myself a bigger freak than I already am would I? ;)

One crazy thing that you have done in life.
Try me. I have done MILLIONS of crazy things in my life :P :P
Ok the most recent one was (sorry sattu for sharing it in public :P) walking the way Ian and Anthony do in the middle of a road :P 
Raised eyebrows? here have a look at how they walked in the 'Charlie the drunk Guinea pig' episode :P

What are you afraid of?
Lightning. NOT the thunder that goes with it. Just the lightning.

Any regrets, however big or small it maybe?
Giving my parker pen to my brother in a fit of generosity :-/

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
World tour :P

Would you rather have the power to become invisible or the power to read minds? Why?
Invisibility for me I guess. Reading minds would be a no-no. I mean come on, I face pretty much difficulty dealing with the ONE mind I have; reading oh-so-many is certainly not my game :P 
Moreover, I would rather do a Harry Potter than an Edward Cullen :P If you understand what I mean :P

A favourite quote.
"I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read"
- Thomas Babington Macaulay
11 awesome people whom I tag:

My questions-
1. What does music mean to you?
2. Poem or a story?
3. The deepest desire of your heart.
4. (I am being naughty with this one :P) Your idea of a romantic story :P (I know Antzz you are jumping at this one :P)
5. Walking or cycling? and why :P
6. What does blogging mean to you?
7. The favorite character you have created so far. Someone you feel like using in all your stories.
8. The favorite character you have read and loved. and why.
9. If you get to impersonate one super hero/heroine who would it be and why.
10. Your idea of fun when you are out with your friends.
11. The song thats playing in your head at the moment :)

Those are very random questions and very easy ones I am sure, so buck up people and answer these beauties :P

Signing off,

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For the first time...

Picture taken from Google images
Crickets humming set a tune
Under sleeping stars I sing for you

The rusty hinges of the gate creaked as Noah opened it cautiously and stepped outside. He padded on the crunchy gravel carefully till he reached the soft dirt road that diverted from the main path into the fields. Sneaking away from the house each night was a terrible risk, but it was a risk he was willing to take every single night of his life. 
His constricted chest loosened as the shining death light of his front porch dimmed into oblivion.His feet found a new rhythm to walk on, flicking off the dust and ashes of a life that was choking him incessantly.

Walking on dirt that seems so green
Flicking ashes off my toes so clean

He let his mind drift away in different directions; his fingers absentmindedly nursing a new bruise on his arm. It was the same story everyday- middle school, high school… people were so wrong when they say that things change. For Noah, they never did. Every chapter of his life was just an extension of the previous one.
The underdog always remains the underdog, except that the ‘underdogs’ in his ‘school’ were treated differently. There was no use resisting; it took him 7 fractured bones to learn that lesson and there was no use complaining; things always got worse.

He tried not to brood on how wretched his life was- it was just an unnecessary exercise to his tear glands. But it wasn’t like this always, thought Noah; it wasn’t like this when his mom was still with him.

A piece of my heart, it broke with you
These stars I talk with, they know it too

Fairy lights. Magic chants. Doors that looked like walls. Walls that looked like doors. Colors splashed on every free surface of their tiny home, sheets of music lying everywhere. And his mother’s lilting soprano voice issuing now and then from behind bookshelves and underneath beds. Noah learnt the 7 notes of music even before he could say ‘mama’ and that, his mother claimed, had been the best moment of her life.

Living with his mother meant giving a free reign to his imagination- almost every normal thing in his life was defined at a macro level as something more imaginative, more interesting. He battled with monsters every morning he woke up, saved hundreds of drowning lives in his bath tub, harbored thousands of homeless creatures on his bed and created millions of forests, tarantulas and green ogres in his tiny flower bed. Night meant wild, high sprung stories with his mother ; nights which knew no boundaries to what they thought, what they said.

Is it a tree that’s shaking,
Or a monster awaken?
From it good old rumbling sleep

Is it a firework going,
Or bombs exploding?
Waging war like my head and me.

Noah’s blissful life ended the day he turned 10 and his mother lost the battle she was fighting with her life. “Don’t sing” the doctor had said. “I’d rather die” had been his mother’s reply and that’s what she did- Lost her life rather than losing her voice. But then, her voice was her life.
A father he didn’t know of took his custody and in one shattering moment, his life changed. School was shifted, town was shifted, house was shifted and to that day he had never been able to call that dull cream colored building his home.

The abuse and bullying at house and school alike wasn’t enough to dampen his spirits, but what did break his heart entirely was when his guitar was broken and thrown in the attic.
Life changed after that. Changed in frightening, disturbing ways and every day he buried deeper within himself in a place where nothing could hurt him anymore.

It feels so good inside my head
A place to escape when I am on my bed

The fairy lights had fused out from his life that was taken away from him in two quick strokes of fate. He could no longer be the superman, hoping that his troubles would end some day; 7 years of pretense had exhausted his imagination.

It feels so good inside my world
Where pain and anger is almost null

His fingers ached to strum the strings of his guitar again, his ears longed for the voice that sang him to sleep in all its pain, his heart ached to stop the pretense for once and for all and just be himself… just be himself. Why was that so hard?

So I just walk, walk, walk away
Shedding the crumbs of my life on my way

He walked till he reached a broken wall and stepped over the loose stones, pausing till he heard a panting sound join him.
“Hey there Jeff,” he said, bending down and ruffling the dog’s ears. “Sorry, but no biscuit for you today. Didn’t get dinner myself” The dog whined and licked his face, as if comforting him for both their hunger.
Noah walked briskly to the place he was seeking and slid down beside the grey stone with a sigh.

Margaret Jane
Her voice was her life… and her death alike

Noah stared at it for a long moment before he dusted the loose earth beside her grave in quick, practiced movements. His fingers worked in a frenzy, as if they were searching for life in those cold, unmoving depths and every nerve in his body jangled alive as his hands found a long object wrapped in a dirty cloth.

The guitar he had rescued from their old, rambling home came out like his personal angel in the chilly night and as his bruised fingers found the blessed strings of his life, every pain, every anguish of the world he was forced into peeled away from his soul. In every note of his guitar that rang out that night, his heart started beating for the first time that day; in the breeze of his voice mingling in harmony with the tune, he started breathing for the first time that day and in every word his heart wrote for his lips to sing, he started living… for the first time that day…

So I just walk, walk, walk away
Away from life, towards my truth
Under this sleeping night as I sing for you

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Photo taken from here
Transparent heart,
honest eyes that feel truthful-
vital for trust

Written for Haiku Heights