Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Award acceptance post

If you say it is words that i write
i wont agree
it is my soul that i pour
it is my thoughts that i render
it is my heart that i unveil
words are but a beautiful technique
to fill the vessel of my dreams
to say what i feel.

If you say it is words that i write
i wont agree
if you can name the love
a plant feels for its flower
the sky feels for the clouds
the breathless feels for the breeze
you would be naming
what writing means to me.

I am feeling very honored to be awarded the "Perfect Poet award of Week 53". This was a very hasty poem, one i typed directly in a hurry. this is my acceptance post.
Thank you Ava! I would like to nominate Vinay(Leo) whose poems i greatly admire.
you people rock!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

So long...


I called off truce with my past
“Enough war, I’m wearing fast
Stay away from my mind
And you won’t be raked anytime.
It is just peace that I want,
Without you as a source of taunt
The new leaves of present I sprout,
Are better done without your doubt”

‘Deal’, it said before adding,
‘Conditions apply, my darling!’
I pursed my lips to a thin line.
“The upper hand was supposed to be mine.
But it just peace that I want
So better, your wish I grant.
The new dreams of present I see
Are better done without your ghosts with me.”

‘Clearing me would be deleting you
And deleting you- makes you a stranger.
All the pain would be gone,
But the happiness too will be torn.
It is just peace that you want
Without me or my taunts.
But will you really survive
If I don’t keep your conscience alive?”

I bitterly turn my head away
Will my shame be ever at bay?
My past puts an arm around me
It is the truth that you never see
You stumble, you fall
You fall, you learn
And each reminder of your scar
will help you in foreseeing far
and each drop you shed in pain
will someday, someway, help you gain”.

I smile at a vital part of me
“you’re not as harsh as you seem to be
I’d rather treasure my happy times,
Than lose them all with the painful grime
They don’t seem to be bad afterall
Since they help me to cushion my fall”
With this I held proud hands with my past
A friend and foe- as long as I last

To say that I just neglected my blog would be an understatement. I got so busy last month that I hardly had time to open my computer. And whenever I did, I used to play TRADEWINDS 2 which is simply an AMAZING game.

You are like a pirate in the game and you have to sail from one port to another and trade there. You start with just 1000 gold and you are given a small ship with small cargo space and how rich you become depends on how you play.

But the game is not just about that. You have to boggle your head with all the profit and loss buying and selling particular item would bring. And then you are answerable to the Governors of some ports and they give you tasks in return of which you get more gold or some other token. And then you encounter other pirates while sailing and you have to fight them.

Overall, it is one of the best games I have played till now and I simply love it. The characters in the game are so real that you would completely forget that you’re actually playing a game.

Ok, so enough details about Tradewinds-2. So basically I got busy last month what with exams and writing my new story and playing this game that I neglected my blog.

Durga Pujas this time were a great bore cuz most of my friends had gone out to some place or other and I was the only person stuck in this borrrrrrrrrrring KGP.

Still I did have a bit of fun with Sushmita and with my brother who is home but is soooooooooo lazy that he didn’t even budge out of the house with me even once.

Not even when I begged him to take me for a treat of phuchka. L
Anyways, Pujas almost over and thanks to-not-being-interested-in-going-out-and-hanging-out-in-pandals-aimlessly, I did a quite a bit of quality time studying(physics). I did go out with my friends and parents and I did enjoy it but home is rather sweet to me. With no tuitions, and no school, I am spending quality time at home, doing whatever I feel like doing.

So overall, hols all going quite well.

Aaaaaaand now I am back to entertain you(or rather bore you) with my daily blabbering.
So cheers!!!

Wishing a very happy (belated) Durga Puja and Dussehra to all,
Kirti J