Award acceptance post

If you say it is words that i write
i wont agree
it is my soul that i pour
it is my thoughts that i render
it is my heart that i unveil
words are but a beautiful technique
to fill the vessel of my dreams
to say what i feel.

If you say it is words that i write
i wont agree
if you can name the love
a plant feels for its flower
the sky feels for the clouds
the breathless feels for the breeze
you would be naming
what writing means to me.

I am feeling very honored to be awarded the "Perfect Poet award of Week 53". This was a very hasty poem, one i typed directly in a hurry. this is my acceptance post.
Thank you Ava! I would like to nominate Vinay(Leo) whose poems i greatly admire.
you people rock!


  1. One of the best poems I have read in the longest while :)

  2. @bijaylakshmi thanks :)
    @Antara thanks a lot dear :)
    @Saru ji thank you!!


  4. well deserved award, smiles.

    welcome to poets rally week 54 today.


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