Tag Time!!

Firstly, a million apologies to Leo who tagged me for this task a longggggggg time back but I never made the reply post. Pretty mean of me huh? :P

And now when Apala tagged me for a very similar king of tag post, I decided to club both posts into one :P
(No need to praise my laziness separately, I am already patting my back for saving time :P aahhhh :P)

So here are the rules:
The Rules -
  • Link back the blogger who tagged you.
  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.
  • Tag eleven new bloggers.
  • Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
  • Inform them about the tag.

Dealing with Leo's 11 questions first:

If you could change your name to any other, what would it be? (Same name can’t be the answer)
Well, thing is, I love my name a lot to even think about changing it :P but since it is compulsory to come up with something, I guess it would be 'Madeline' :P There used to be this show on Disney when I was kid by the same name and needless to say, I used to love watching it. Another reason for why 'Madeline' would be that you could call me 'Maddy' for short and that pretty much describes my mental state most of the times :P :P

How would you change your worst nightmare into a most beautiful dream?
Simple. Bring in a hot guy(preferably Jensen :P) and imagine him saving my life through the worst nightmares :P
Meh Leo, that was too easy for me!! :D

The one person who can make you to smile even in the darkest of times?
My mother. There is no other person who can make me smile and feel reassured the way she does :)

An addiction that you have never regretted?
Music. I am ADDICTED to music and I have never regretted it in my life and I never will :)

An addiction that you have always regretted?
Errrr. Come on!! I dont have any bad habits!! :P
Ummmmmm... I really dont have any addictions that I regret as such :P

What defines weakness in a person?
Thinking that you are 'weak' itself drives out the last bit of courage and strength in you. Its like thinking about failure before you even stand at the stating line.

Favorite dessert?
I know this one!! :P CCD ka chocolate fantasy with two LARGE scoops of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup :D yummmmmmmmy :D

What food perks you up when you are feeling low?
Chocolate :) 

Favorite movie of all time?

Does the look of a blog tell of the quality of its content too?
In my blog-reading experience, yes. Though it may not be always.

A suggestion for my blog
I love it the way it is :) 

Now its time for Apala's answers!

What is the first think that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Black'?
Light. You cant appreciate the power of light until you realize the numbing power of darkness 
(Excuse me if that sounds far-fetched :P)

Who is the most important person in your life and why?
My mother. She means everything to me; something much more than a parent. She is understanding, compassionate, calm, patient, beautiful.. She is the safe harbor I have in my life; I may be ditched by the entire world, but I know that she wont ever leave my side and stop loving me :)

What is/will be your expectation from a relationship with your partner?
Understanding and trust that wont be broken at any point of time...
(But let me get a partner first!! :D :P)

If you had not been in the profession that you are in today, what would have chosen and why? 
Errr... not into any profession yet :P

Name something that you do when you are alone and wouldn't do when you are with people.
Meh. Talk to myself. I like talk to myself and imaginary people around me a LOT. And its certainly not something I would do in public; wouldnt want to prove myself a bigger freak than I already am would I? ;)

One crazy thing that you have done in life.
Try me. I have done MILLIONS of crazy things in my life :P :P
Ok the most recent one was (sorry sattu for sharing it in public :P) walking the way Ian and Anthony do in the middle of a road :P 
Raised eyebrows? here have a look at how they walked in the 'Charlie the drunk Guinea pig' episode :P

What are you afraid of?
Lightning. NOT the thunder that goes with it. Just the lightning.

Any regrets, however big or small it maybe?
Giving my parker pen to my brother in a fit of generosity :-/

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
World tour :P

Would you rather have the power to become invisible or the power to read minds? Why?
Invisibility for me I guess. Reading minds would be a no-no. I mean come on, I face pretty much difficulty dealing with the ONE mind I have; reading oh-so-many is certainly not my game :P 
Moreover, I would rather do a Harry Potter than an Edward Cullen :P If you understand what I mean :P

A favourite quote.
"I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read"
- Thomas Babington Macaulay
11 awesome people whom I tag:

My questions-
1. What does music mean to you?
2. Poem or a story?
3. The deepest desire of your heart.
4. (I am being naughty with this one :P) Your idea of a romantic story :P (I know Antzz you are jumping at this one :P)
5. Walking or cycling? and why :P
6. What does blogging mean to you?
7. The favorite character you have created so far. Someone you feel like using in all your stories.
8. The favorite character you have read and loved. and why.
9. If you get to impersonate one super hero/heroine who would it be and why.
10. Your idea of fun when you are out with your friends.
11. The song thats playing in your head at the moment :)

Those are very random questions and very easy ones I am sure, so buck up people and answer these beauties :P

Signing off,


  1. Kirti,

    Undoubtedly the neat answers I ever read:)) Charile was an additional treat..:D

    1. Thanks Panchali Di!!
      and do you love charlie too?? YAY!! cuz i LOVE charlie and Smosh of course!! :D they are awesome. you would want to check out the 3 sequel episodes of Charlie the drunk guinea pig too then!! :))

  2. Nice questions, and yes, I will reply them too over the weekend, as weekdays gives me very little time from my busy office schedules :-(

    1. Thank you! and sure, take your time for this!! :D
      you saw how much time I took :P

    2. I responded to your questions on my blog :-)

  3. Hi Kirti

    You know what? Whenever i start typing a comment here I always misspell your name as 'Krithi' ...Then I double check and correct again... :)

    Thanks for tagging me and putting me in that 'awesome' list he he he :D

    Loved your answers...Ash also tagged me a couple of days back and guess would need to couple that with yours....

    Loved that answer on weakness... Guess thats the only serious reply eh? The rest are all fun :) Enjoyed the read :)

  4. Thank you so much for the tag! I hope I do this soon and my laziness don't pop in between :P

    1. Have a look here. :-)

  5. thanks Kirti for accepting the tag! lovely answers! enjoyed reading :)

  6. Nice answers!! And Thanks for putting me in that small list, will try my best to come up with a post on the same.

  7. Thanks kirti cat for tagging me, will answer the questions when I get time, because my weekends are going to be more crazy than my weekdays this time, as my mind is buzzing with tension on where i need to study, and this decision will come off on 18th july, wish me luck

  8. Oye ladki, Next blog post will be this totally. :) THIS IS FUN

  9. I used to love Madeline too!!!
    "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines,
    Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines."

    Loved reading your answers. :D

  10. There’s a surprise waiting for you, Kirti. Please check the link.


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