just trollin...

to myself,(from RUDY)
u r a complete idiot and lazy gal cuz u r supposed to do inverse trignometry for a stupid test tmrw and all u r doing is trollin on the net (RWJ style) and typing all this stupid stuff on ur blog...

to myself(from EMO)
dont listen to Rudy. better go off to sleep than listening to her. who gives a damn abt a class test. no ones gonna prepare for it, so chill. u better look at the formulae though. just a bit..

to myself,
u r going crazy. shut both the voices and get out of here before u end up in an asylum.duh.

yeah, shut the craziness finally.
no no, im seriously not mad or anything; i just love having a bit of fun sometimes doing crazy stuff. umm, well maybe it is more than just "sometimes". aaargh ok ok, i admit, im crazy most of the times. happy???

working on a short story recently, a complete hair chilling adventure-cum-love story which is a far fetched extension of a real life incident( mind you, the reality is just 1%, the rest all i made up with sattu badgering me to put, ummm well, certain details...:):):):P:P:P)
dunno when i will complete it cuz at present im buy withing something....:):):)

wanna know my definition of 'busy'???
sigh. yet again.
i ask myself.  and the magic, the thrill, the charm , it never wears off. NEVER. and im sure, even when im old and weak and probably with nothing to do except write, i will still feel that old excitement of reading the HP series again. Admit it. JKR is a sorceress. and who am I?? just another victim of her irrepressible magic...

just read a few awesome blogs.  my blog is nothin compared with them. but i have a long way to go. come on. im just 15...:):):)

when oh when will my 16th birthday come??? at least the series of taunts from arpita abt being 6  MONTHS younger to her will come to an end... or will it??? just another six months and they will start. again. sigh.

oh, btw did i ever mention how much i love my best frnds??? no i guess??(good thing they dont read my blogs. they will pull my leg abt this one for SURE...:P:P) there is only one word from them...
they are perfect. awesome. BEST. and i love them(ok that was more than a word). its incredible how much at ease i feel with them. and i have to admit it, i need them like a drug. they mean everything to me and after everything they have done for me, its not a big surprise.
so there u go- thankd Arpita and Sushmita for being the BEST forever for me. u rock. and i would never be able to lose u(and i never will). it wud be more tham physical pain.

ughh... where did this post start and where did it end?? thats what happening when u r attempting at multitasking: eating, reading blogs, trolling on the net, listening to songs- all at a time... he he.
guess i gotta go. and study(ugh).
three cheers for RWJ!!!!


  1. real good seriously......i knw it came directly from heart....but itz real gud....trust meh.....

  2. You're 15?
    Gosh...that means you're a real genius :D


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