Happy? Sad? whichever...

Is happiness really as transient as it seems?
for it diffracts my soul faster than light beams...
Is my joy just a shadow from the past?
for every time it flickers but never lasts...

I found a new smile after years of pain
but a few hours of joy is all I gained
what lacks in me that my smile slips away?
what lacks in my smile that people dont let it stay?


  1. Neat writing.
    Really loved the way you have expressed it.

    And dear, without sorrow we wouldn't know the value of joy. So come what may come, don't lose your smile. No matter if you are suffering inside. Always keep smiling.

    Once one of my close cousin told me,"If you have struggled for half of your life, then be ready to face eternal happiness in the other half". Think about it.

  2. Poignant expression of feelings in really beautiful words!

  3. Such an inexplicable mystery is the lifespan of joy;
    Sadness attacks it with deceit,like Greece did Troy.
    Truly happy people,there are so very few-
    Every day,every morning we just start a battle new!!!
    I loved ur poem,KIrti....Keep up the good work..

  4. WOW!! How effortlessly you stitch physics in your poems!!!
    And may God give you the smile always!
    When you are sad and cry, then a joy and smile is always lurking around the corner!!
    God Bless :)

  5. Happiness is all we struggle for, but that happiness comes only after going through many trial and tribulations. Until we appear for the examination with the right preparation we cannot expect a better result.

  6. Past is over.. Future is in your hands. Take it easy girl.

  7. Why cant I write comments on your latest post? The comment option is absent.
    So I am writing it here - That was such a heartfelt poem NS. Really brought a flood of memories and a droplet of tear in my eyes.
    Especially those lines "Sorry for being rude to you...".
    Your poems are really something. Keep at it.

  8. That was beautiful. So heartfelt and wonderful depth in your lines.

    "Is my joy just a shadow from the past? for every time it flickers but never lasts..." That was just too good. :)

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