From treasure hunts to tags...

Its been a long time I wrote anything, or even came close to making a post on my blog. Result- my blog is a sorry, lonely sight from the past two months and most people have been wondering if I have done a bunk and left blogging. But college has been so hectic that I don't have time to breathe (read doing Fb and listening to songs) forget about blogging :P

So busy Kirti has gotten, people might say, but the question is, what does she do all day?
My day at hostel starts and ends with a treasure hunt. Breakfast- treasure hunt for traces of butter on the piece of 'bread' (read Rubber) they give us. College- treasure hunt for traces of wakefulness in my eyes that seem to be at the verge of dropping down every moment. Lunch- treasure hunt for some other vegetable other than potato. Hunt for grains of dal in the yellow water that smells and tastes suspiciously like... WATER. With dollops of turmeric in it.
Treasure hunt it is from the first day of college. Hunting for at least ONE decent looking guy in a class of 64 with just 8 girls. Alas, this favorite hunt of mine came to a dead set stop the very first day of college where my classmates look older than my father. No kidding, I am serious when it comes to matters like these :P

Rants apart, I am here to do a very interesting tag from Leo along with college updates. So under this 'introspection tag'. I have to analyse my blog under 7 categories and pass it on to five others. So here it goes!

1. My most beautiful post- Like the rising sun is a story I love a lot. And though people have said it wasnt my best, there is something that makes me go back to the story again and again. Maybe the name I love so much, or the subtle love it shows but it is a story that is very close to my heart.

2. My most popular post- Surprisingly, it is neither a poem nor a story of mine. The post I made wishing Antara a happy birthday is the most popular post till date on my blog.

3. My most controversial post- You cant expect a poetry and story telling blogger to make controversial posts can you? :P

4. My most helpful post- Please. My rants arent of any help :P

5. A post whose success surprised me- My first BAT entry Once Again which I wrote in much doubt but it somehow won me a gold batom :D

6. A post I feel did not get the attention it deserved- My first free verse Incandescence which I love a lot didnt get a lot of attention.

7. A poem I am proud of- It has to The voice of messenger. It has a depth that amazed even me!

Tagging 3 more people for this interesting task-


  1. Good to know about your choices :-) And ya, have a great 4 years of Engineering :-)

  2. Thanks for choosing me, Kirti. But as I told you I just took this tag recently. Nice selections. Have already read all of them. Hope to see you blogging more in the coming days.

    1. yeah you did tell me but i tagged you all the same :P
      I hope the same too!!

  3. Hope to read more of your adventures from your college and hostel life. And welcome back to blogging!!

  4. I know what hostel food is like and those lines of yours made me nostalgic...esp the potatoes for lunch :)

    1. Hostel food sucks big time!! Thanks for the visit Jaish :)

  5. "Please. My rants aren't of any help" - HAHAHAHAHA!!! No no I love them :P Seriously I do. But then again that's because you're my soul sister.

    I have always loved your poem about What words mean to You...which you wrote while accepting the best poetry blog award.

    And I love Like the Rising Sun. Kisne kahaan it's not your best huh huh huh? :P

    1. Yeah. Soul sister's rants connect big time dont they? "{
      Oh that one... written in a haste and turned out good eh? i like that too :)
      hehehe :P i thought you loved frozen more...

    2. I did. And I loved "The Story" (you know what I mean) too. But then if I start naming all the pieces written by you that I loved then it would start getting ridiculously ;)


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