Mia on a shopping spree!

Mia is very excited this month. A series of events were coming up that needed dressing up and looking gorgeous. And when the word 'dressing up' comes, can 'shopping' be far away? :D
Firstly she has a Christmas party to attend. OK wait; that comes much later. Firstly she has her 1st semester exams to end(sob)
Starting on 5th and ending on 23th, that didn't leave her much time to decide her apparel after she comes back and she didnt intend to go the party in her same old boring dresses when her mother had sanctioned her a shopping trip. So shopping was intended. And that too as soon as possible!

Complete with all her battlements, donned with multiple scarves and sweaters(since her mother would kill her if she went uncovered in the cold) Mia set out with her sister Lia for the task at hand.
Lia was just as excited as she was; and a marvel she was too in selecting good stuff, a designer brain she had from the start.
Happy and buoyant, both sisters sat singing in the backseat of their car, waiting impatiently for the shopping mall to come.

But alas! a shopping trip wasnt written in Mia's destiny that day. Traffic jam got them stuck for more than two hours and since Mia had to return back to her hostel early the next morning, their mother badgered them till they got back home from half way back.

Mia was bitterly disappointed, so was Lia but there was nothing that could be done. Going to the party in the same old wear from her wardrobe was indicated.

Mia flung her leather bag in anger on her bed as soon as she reached home and wept bitterly on her pillow. Her mother tried to console her but nothing could pacify her. Finally, in an attempt to distract herself, Mia decided to download question papers from the previous year for exam preparation.

"It was going to be such an exciting party too. And I have nothing good to wear" Mia kept thinking; conveniently choosing to forget her already overflowing wardrobe.
"That too my first Christmas party with my new college friends. Oh poor me!" she wept internally, pitying herself.

Suddenly, a bright advertisement popped up as she launched the web browser.
"Trust such silly things to pop up just when my head's heated up!" thought Mia angrily and moved the cursor to the bright red cross, intending to shut that thing vehemently.
"WAIT" her inner voice told her in huge capitals and she did the same, pausing to look at what the ad said. It was the advertisement of Shopper's Stop online shopping website inviting them all to make the best of this festive season.
Mia's eyes grew wide; all her dreams came true and she shouted loudly which made her mother and Lia come running into the room.

"Perfect!" Lia said. "We can just sit at home and shop for you!" and that's what they did!

This is what they selected in the end- a classy, stylish black dress!!
This was going to be Mia's first dress ever so she was mighty excited for sure!

For shoes they selected evening boots. Both stylish and cozy at the same time!

Beautiful earrings to go with the whole thing

Next came the debate about whether Mia would take a handbag or a clutch.
"Clutch seems more classy to go with that dress " their mother had the last word and so clutch it was!
They ended wrapping up the apparel by picking two very pretty bracelets. Two because Lia developed a fancy for the starry one.

So thats how Mia and Lia solved their problem of not being able to shop physically at a mall and instead had dollops of fun shopping at home!!
All thanks to Shopper's Stop :D

This is an entry for a contest on Indiblogger by Shopper's stop.
To celebrate this festive season go to www.shoppersstop.com

PS: Thanks to Jagruti Didi for helping me choose the outfit :D and for having that amazing fashion sense too!!


  1. That's one chic outfit! Good job Kirti :)

    1. Thank you Sam!!!!!!!!! Love you ;) :D

  2. Hey. Give some credit to the person who chose the outfit. ( Not me)

    1. Be why would I thank YOU? you were of no help in this :P

  3. Loved the story of Lia and Mia!!! So exams coming up soon! Best wishes for the contest as well as the exams, may you pass both with flying colors.

    1. Soooooo like you to guess that exam part was about me partly :P Yeah exams start from 8th. Thanks a lot for the wishes! I am going to need that :P


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