RIP- A book review

About the book:
Name of the book- RIP
Author- Mukul Deva
Publisher- Westland Ltd.
Price- INR 200
ISBN- 978-93-82618-19-5

About the author- Mukul Deva, an alumnus of La Martiniere College, NDA and the Indian Military Academy is considered to be India's literary storm trooper. He is the author of many military thrillers and several best sellers like Lakshar.

About the cover- RIP is a book with an interesting cover. Painted in bright colors it encases the figure of a soldier  staring at the horizon of the country he is saving. The title is interesting as well because it makes you wonder what RIP customarily used for 'Rest in Peace' could possibly mean as the title of a story.

About the back cover- The back cover gives a bit more insight into the mystery exuded from the title. RIP standing for the Resurgent Indian Patriots are self appointed guardians of the nation seething with anger at the never ending scams that were shaking the very foundation of the country. Colonel Krishna Athawale and his special team of Para Commandos have taken the responsibility to stop the corrupt politicians and colluding civil servants even if it means killing them.

My views on the story- The back cover promises a pulse pounding, cracker jack of a thriller and Mukul Deva delivers nothing less than that. RIP is a pageturner, a proper pageturner that would keep you on the edge of your seat and make you turn pages into the night as I did, lying in my hostel bed and reading in a torch light.
The protagonist Colonel Krishna despite his dark motives of killing the people who are looting the nation, is a good man. So are his team of 5 who have enrolled their lives in this dangerous mission with him. The story starts of with rapid murders of corrupt civil servants and a warning ensued to the Government about three similar execution they meant to carry out within the next three days. 
The country is in a turmoil with this sudden attack firing up the waves of anti-corruption rallies and so is the Government; everyone is busy hiding their backs.
The RIP has to be stopped, no matter what because submission to their demands meant digging up past graves of money laundering and corruption. 
Enter Raghav Bhagat, rogue para commando, hired by the corrupt party to stop RIP from its deadly mission.
And then begins a rat race in which everything is at stake- lives, families, love. Racing through different cities of India, RIP is a great thriller.

The best thing I liked about RIP was its brilliant narration that made the story flow effortlessly. Different events taking place with different people in different parts of the country were connected in a seamless way; Kudos to the author for such a good narrative style.
The personal lives of the characters intermingled with the main story was equally effortless and it added a emotive touch to the story, bringing out the characters in a more realistic way.

I loved RIP, I loved the story, Mukul Deva's writing style and the subtle emotions that were written in such a fantastic way. For such a good thriller I have read in ages, I give RIP a wholehearted 9/10.
Grab it people, it is a book worth reading :D

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