The Mirage...

Your persisting image haunts my world-
my unblinking eyes trace your virtual steps;
choking with dust as the ashes fly,
and you take a sudden flight.

Congenitally congenial I was;
this sudden silence of my mind,
questions the purpose of my heart
weighed down it is-
by shackles of confusion you create.

I talk in loops,
weave a mindless maze,
tangle myself in my own web
like a spider mistaking its own prey.

Forced is my restrain,
my resolve is the candle in a storm
barely alive,
but still there
fighting the mirage of your existence.

for how long?


  1. This is such a touching work of yours. Love it! :)

    1. You would be able to preceive much better i guess with your assumptions that i know would be correct :D
      Thank you Aditi. I am glad you liked it :)

    2. I sure know you through and through ;)

  2. I talk in loops,
    weave a mindless maze - beautiful! :) loved it.

  3. Beautifully written...The mirage of marvelous writing...
    I esp liked the phrase "Congenitally congenial I was..." both are antonyms to each other..yet u connected the bond of defect to taste...:) :). Yes we all have the defect that we are congenial to write blogs...:) :)

    Thanks again for such a awesome poem Kirti....Continue u r awesomeness of writing in the same way...

    1. Writing blogs does seem congenital now Vajra :)
      I must be thanking YOU for your visit here. I am so glad you liked my poem! Thanks a ton :)

  4. wow ,kirti..... thank you for this awesome creation..
    i liked the line "Congenitally congenial I was..." . I feel it,even on thin king this line,even after many hours..
    and i think the best part is the end "but...for how long?" it took my brains out,while thinking about what does this line mean....

    1. I am glad my words set your brain churning away like that. I made this poem especially cryptic, to keep that question hanging. I am so glad you liked it!
      Thanks a ton for the comment. Cheers!

  5. The whole poem was mesmerizing! Specially the last two stanzas. You do it the best way you know! :)

    1. What a pleasant surprise to see you here Koustav! I am so glad you liked the poem. Please do visit again :)


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