College Rants #5- A new hostel

It was only last week that I told Rimli that there is nothing wrong in making a clean breast of your feelings. So I thought I would follow suit and stand by my own preachings :P For a change I will just say it if I miss something; my 'missing' had always been limited to Panda Toothbrushes and Squirrel Coffee mugs. (I am not going to announce my undying love for some old forgotten crush of mine though. Forget it :P)

Its really weird how I never made a post about how I miss my school. Or how I feel tearfully nostalgic about the old playground near my house where I spent the best years of my life. I have never even said till now how much I miss Sushmita now that she is miles and miles away from me.

Its even more weird how I wept oceans when my Squirrel coffee mug broke but passed out school laughing and joking. And the latter event changed my life in unthinkable ways. I miss school so much that its like a physical ache- I miss sitting beside Suranjana and holding my sides as her humor shook me. I miss finishing our lunch boxes in the very third period. I miss the stupid antics I used to pull of with Sattu in the Physics lab and Nayak Sir scolding us with "Tum log means. Kuch bhi karte ho class me? Hai ki nahi. Kuch na kuch kaam dena padta hai tum logon ko". I miss the serenity of Rashmi and how her calmness and innocence used to make us feel a bit guilty how insanely crazy and extra 'paka' we were. 

Dont get me wrong. I miss my squirrel mug a LOT but I was just musing over the stark differences in my reactions. 

It may be because the larger things in our life take a long time to sink in. It also may be because I am a nut case :P

So when the hostel shifting finally happened after a series of false alarms, I couldn't grasp the new change entirely. It still hasn't sunk in fully I guess. Last day, after class, I was promptly walking towards my old hostel till Madhu pulled me back with a "our hostel is this way now Idiot."

The only thing I could think about as I sat in my new room, on my new bed is that there are no mirrors here. Absolutely none. Where as our old hostel room had TWO big mirrors. One near the window and the other in the attached bath. 

I really don't care if there is a mirror in the ROOM or not; I need one only to put that customary 'bindi' everyday. But no mirror over the basin is really bad. I mean, I like looking at my teeth when I brush. They are a reminder of what patience can bring and for a scatterbrained, impatient person like me, that is huge. It is a reminder of 3 years of my father's hard work in taking me back and forth to Kolkata for my treatment. It is a proof that dentists are miracle men and Bongs are cool. At least my dentist was. Both a miracle man and a cool Bong :D

So I miss the mirror over the basin and though I don't like admitting missing the bigger things in my life, I will say this today- I miss my old hostel. I miss my bed which was against the wall and sleeping on it sort of made being away from home okay. I miss the WALL because I sleep in weird positions and one of them is my legs climbing the wall. Which reminds me of the Backstreet Boys song 'Climbing the walls' I absolutely love. 

I miss the windows that used to go haywire in the wind and we finally had to put Joyeeta's boulder sized heels to stop them from smashing every time. I miss the diary entries written in torch-light, the 'khus-phus' sessions with Rimli, the riot Huttu and others used to make on my bed and ruin the neat bedspread, the airy and incredible corridors where clothes used to get dry in a jiffy. 

And I more than miss Room No 216 where I spent most part of my first year. I miss the self-directed hilarious insults I and Huttu started as soon as we started studying (on the night before the exam), the competitions we used to hold on who studies the least in which Rimli always brought in the 'South Indian brains' and 'Gene Pool' factors and declare herself as the winner no matter on whose team she was, the endless gossip sessions we had on topics ranging from food to politics, the late night 'cha's' with Goodday, the 'maggic bhaja' in mashi's shack, the awesome time spent lazing in the grass lawns, the time when current went out and Rimli, Ruku and I strolled in the corridors listening to Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons and Switchfoot and Katie Melua and The Band Perry and thinking with people who thought this beautifully and sang this beautifully, the world isn't that bad after all. 

Shifting was like joining college all over again and in many ways it was unsettling. It took me a whole day of John Mayer and Coldplay to calm myself. I still have to unpack all my stuff and I do NOT look forward to it. My new room is still a stranger and I don't know whether it will become familiar anytime soon. I find myself comparing novel reading in my new bed to my old bed and its not the same. It can never be the same. 


I feel morose and I don't want to. I am currently reading Percy Jackson series and it feels good to be reading a series after a long time. A good series if I might add. And I am glad the awesomeness didn't wear out after the first book like it did in The Hunger Games. Okay, so it has got nothing, absolutely NOTHING on Harry Potter but it is a pretty good fantasy fiction. So far.

I will get back to reading it then. Arpita isn't here to go for a walk in the evening and I miss that like hell. 

Missing anything and everything,


  1. Uhh......finally i made a place (however little) in your blog !! Feeling blessed............

    1. (I will pretend I dont know you :P)
      Damn. I always knew I had a secret admirer. And ye to pura hi aapka place hai :D
      okay. Bhat bak rahi hun :P
      Welcome to my blog. Its good to see YOU commenting here(however tiny the comment may be) :P

  2. I had a difficult time shifting hostel after our first year. Thankfully I had the same room for the next 3 years! But if your roommates are the same then you will adjust, after all its the people who make you happy or sad... Not the walls!

    1. It is pretty good now DS! And my roommates are really cool :D
      And I agree with the people being the ones making us happy or sad but you do get attached to the walls you leaned against after a while!
      Thanks for the visit :)

  3. Sigh...even I get attached to, you know, 'my room'. And now I am shifting houses so...I know what you mean.

    1. That is like... inevitable isnt it?
      and you are shifting houses? when, why and where!!!!

  4. I realy luv reading ur posts as i am myslf a writter kindda person :-P
    ( thoda moda likh leti hu )
    bt d way u write is too gud,so pls teach me sum tricks! :-)

    1. Hi Nishi! Welcome to my blog :) It is really great to know fellow writers :) Do update your blog; would love to read what you write.
      And there are no tricks! I wonder if I know enough to teach anyone; I just write my heart out :)
      Keep visiting!


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