College Rants #6- Just a quick update.

It's crazy that I haven't ranted in such a long time. Durga Pujo went by, so did Diwali and yet there was no rant on my blog! Crazy right?

Actually, I was so busy being addicted to Facebook, that I didn't get quite get the 'time' to post something. Yeah, I just made a public statement that I am a hopeless FB addict. Sigh.
Thanks heavens for the college that I get to be online only on weekends. God knows what would have happened otherwise!

Exams are coming and I have studied nothing. NOTHING. I have spent this semester doing  God only knows what. I don't know any damn thing about any subject and it is terrifying the hell out of me. And what do I do about it? Nothing.


I remember the times before my 10th board exams when I at least used to SIT in one place with all my books. I don't even do that now. But that was the time when my History book used to be amazing and the English book was constantly at my bedside. There is a fat chance of me taking my McCabe Smith (A Fluid Mechanics text book) to bed with me.
*Shudders with horror at the thought of it* 

To think of it, I haven't even opened the book in the semester, Bhagwan only knows what I will do in my exams!

Holidays were good, just like they are all the time. An unexpected visit from my brother made things all the more merrier. And trust him to get me addicted to a new something. It was this amazing game called Don't Starve this time. I love the frickin game so much, I totally want to write a story on it!

Talking of me wanting to write stories, there is this One-act-play-cum-story plot on my mind since 3 months that I want to write very very badly. But the problems are:

1. I don't have the first idea about writing a play.
2. I want it to be a musical and I don't have the first idea about writing a musical either.

So, the story is pretty complex with two narratives going simultaneously. One I want to make a third person narrative which is the musical going on and one would be the first person narrative of the protagonist (a girl) who is a dancer. Now having a friend who is the most amazing dancer alive is a great help. I mean, the reason I want to write this is because I am so hugely inspired by Rimli when she talks about her passion.

The problem is with the other vital part which is concerned mostly with music and a musician (two to think of it). I am absolutely addicted to music, but I don't know how to WRITE about it. I have never been in a musician's place to think and feel that way. And I want to. I really want to because I want to do my story justice. I want to do the MUSICIAN in my story justice.

And for that, I need to get hold of someone and listen to them TALK. Just like I listen to Rimli talk. Then only I feel I will be able to write.

But I don't know that 'someone' :( 

Gosh, look at me rant! I don't make any sense do I? My apologies.

*Track change No.1*

I have become crazed about something else these days. Book merchandise. I stare and crave at Harry Potter charms and TFIOS charms and Perks of being a wallflower stuff so much that I am going mad with desire. So at the end, I ended up making this one-

I know I suck as a painter and all but what the hell, I totally love this! And it looks perfect on my bag :D

Now, I am after making a Harry Potter badge. But I don't have the colors or anything. Let's see though!

*Track change No.2*

Have you ever experienced a time when you see some person, say X, from a distance or through slight acquaintance and you start wondering stuff and end up making a character of your own thoughts around X? As in, just the wish to know more about X meddles up your mind into thinking weird things and doing stupid stuff? 

Please say yes so that I know I am not a lone figure battling with this :-|

Crushes can be so damn trying you know? 


I think I will get back to reading The Fault in our Stars again. Or maybe not, because that would make me cry buckets again :P

Bidding a farewell with mixed feelings,


  1. Hi Kirti,

    That was one awesome rant :D I wish I could rant like this :D

    I hv just nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. Please hop in and accept :)


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