Of Padfoot and Prongs

As John Green aptly says, "Being in a relationship is something you choose. Being friends is something you are". Being friends truly reflects the person that we are; it is something that defines us.

I used to feel that making friends during school days is the easiest and finding people you are comfortable with in college equally hard so when my school days ended and I found myself getting very close to starting my college life, the fear of being stranded without true friends haunted me.

It was with this apprehension that I started my college life not knowing that life had a wonderful friend like Sanchita aka Huttu aka Padfoot in store for me.

I saw her for the first time in the hostel allotment line. As usual, I was standing the wrong line- Food Technology's queue instead of Chemical's and was pitying the other line which was filled with guys and more guys. Later, on realizing the blunder, I rushed to join the queue I was pitying a moment ago and started wondering if I was going to be the only girl in the class.

It was then that she came from the front of the line to where I was standing, the relief obvious on her face on finding another soul of the same gender. She was really short, shorter than even me and I am in no way a tall person ( I actually used to be the first girl in our assembly line :P). She introduced herself, expressed her relief on seeing another girl and after knowing which hostel I was allotted (which was the same as hers), she left with a cheerful "See you at the hostel then". I forgot her name as soon as she said it (thanks to my excellent memory) but I took an immense liking to her instantly.

Somehow, despite there being tens of other rooms in my hostel wing, I ended up in her room in the evening. Somehow, despite there being 6 more girls in my class, I ended up sitting with her. And I don't know who started it but somehow we started discussing Harry Potter. It was that easy for us, becoming friends. 

After that a series of such fun days started, right now I cannot imagine a day at college/hostel without being with her. Huttu is the most un-girly girl you can possibly imagine- doesn't give a damn about how she looks, stays far away from stuff like ear-rings, nail paint, cosmetics and the general things that girls love. She is the most practical girl you will ever get to know- her opinion on everything is always very genuine and sensible. She is also the most fun person you can be with- her quick tongue always finds something funny to say.

What really binds us together is the common love for books we share, the crazy potterheads we are, the common Mr.Darcy fan-girlism, the weird attraction towards the bad guys in any book series, the incredible appetites we share, the 'air dance' we do in the class, the 'lyadh' (laziness) whose level we strain to keep high, the group study sessions we have, the frequent curses and insults we direct towards our brains, and the anthem of Demons by Imagine Dragons that we sing anywhere and everywhere. 

This is the only photo I have of us together. Since neither of us have the patience to pose for photos :D

The epic times we have during classes is something I will always cherish. We talk so much and our discussions are so Harry Potter related that the entire class knows as the two crackpots who imagine themselves to be from the magical world. Once, two guys sitting on the bench behind us stood up and shifted to the front row, we were being so boisterous in the class!!

The 'bhat' sessions we have are so nonsensical that my other friends can't resist the temptation of making videos out of them. We make a mountain out of a molehill with our words and then laugh hysterically on our own stupidity.

We are always hunting for people who would set in our Harry Potter characters. We instantly assigned ourselves the Marauders of course :D Oh the innumerable times when we almost got into trouble for chatting through written messages in the class! 

Huttu is someone who has come to know me inside out in the little time we have been together. My talks about guys and the love stories I could have always ends with her "Hyan. Koto to tui kortish ami jani. Kichu bollei to pai pai chut lagatis!" (Yeah, I know how much you would go ahead in talking with a guy. If anyone does take the initiave, all you do is scamper away!). The common fights we take up against somone and everyone are the highlights of our friendship- no one dares to cross over the invincible jodi of Padfoot and Prongs!

It is really difficult to find good people and good friends, and when it is someone like Huttu your life becomes even more worthwhile. She is Padfoot for the Prongs in me, my partner in crime, the incredible person I have come to call my best friend at college :) 

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Thank you Dove and Indiblogger for this chance to write about my friend :)


  1. My best friend is like your best friend! Loved the write-up!
    P.S. - "Hyan. Koto to tui kortish ami jani. Kichu bollei to pai pai chut lagatis!" what does this mean? What language is it? :)

    1. Ah, we have something in common then Ragini Ji! :D I am glad you liked what I wrote :)
      And I have updated the post with the translation of the sentence. Do check it out. It is Bengali btw!
      Thank you for the visit :)

  2. Hi Kirti,

    Lovely write up, dear ! loved reading about your friend :) Hey, explain that sentence na :D Is that Bengali ?

    1. Hey Sreeja! It is really good to see you here :) I am so happy you liked reading about my friend. She is one cool person :) And I have updated the post with the translation! And yes it is Bengali :D

  3. hey..my bestie is also Sanchita... and for a minute i was drawn to this post wondering if we know each other...but no...just the names are common! nice post!

    1. Wow! What a coincidence! Would love to read about your bestie too Little Princess :)

  4. what a deadly combination!!! althugh i dont know sanchita,lekin ab lgta hai jaise usko saalon se jaanta hun!!!
    kirti, teri writing skills ,ghaaaammmmm........

    1. Haha! Good for you then :D
      And nah, I am not that great a writer. There are TONS of people out there who write much better than me! I am glad you liked the way I write :)


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