I so wanna remain a spinster, my friends are too awesome and other things.

I know.

I know I haven't updated my blog since a really long time and I also entertain the possibility of all my imaginary readers giving up on me as a lost case scenario but hey, I have been busy.

At least, I would like to imagine myself as being busy. Super busy. Impossibly busy.

Terribly jobless in reality. Sigh.

Some quick updates: I am in my third year of engineering, 6th semester and still hopelessly lost about what I want to do in future which is without any exaggeration, 'looming ahead'. I still have no interest in what I am studying and I don't even try to change that. It is true. Don't judge me by my marks. Rather, don't judge me at all.

Sometimes, I wonder which one is worse- strangers judging you or people you actually know and like doing that.

Anyway, back to the updating thingy. I am currently sitting at home bunking classes because
A. It is my Dadi's death anniversary tomorrow
B. I have never had any inclination to attend college and any reason to bunk it is embraced by me with open arms.

Spring Fest 2015 at Kgp just got over which was
A. Super disappointing
B. Pretty much the same really.
(We are too above being excited by fest thingys anyway. What say Arpita? My fellow let-us-roam-on-the-streets-of-kgp-during-SF-in-pyjamas-when-everyone-else-is-looking-super-hot!?)

I just realized how very contradicting the two sub parts of the above point are. Weird.

I had Red Bull which
A. Was a super disgusting version of Grilinctus cough syrup
B. Pretty much failed in its purpose of boosting my energy levels because I dozed off within minutes of drinking it.

I did a mini-project (super mini-project if you ask me since it ended in just 3 days. Yeah, I know.) at IOCL which was
A. Super awesome
B. Super awesome

I mean, that was one of the rare times when people treated me and a bunch of other 3rd year undergraduates with supreme importance as if they REALLY meant when they said that we were the 'future' of Chemical Engineering.

Me, future of Chemical Engineering. Ha. Me, who can't even write a page of abstract about the project I would like to do. Me, who doesn't even CARE about not being able to write an abstract about the project I would like to do. Me, who... You get the drift right?

I also spent my winter vacation at Vizag (as usual) and reached some horrifying conclusions about the community I belong to.
Don't get me wrong, I am one hundred percent proud my culture, my upbringing and the ways most of the things work in my family and other similar families around me. I mean, my parents are decent, hard working, affectionate and sincere people (like all parents) and I believe that we (my brother and I) would grow up to be decent people as well but there are some things that you just cannot refrain reaction to. Even if it is in silence. On your blog.

Okay, so the thing is, South Indians are OBSESSED with marriage. As in totally, hugely, literally obsessed. They see any girl with a B.Tech degree and any guy with a year of job experience as prospective bride and groom and it is just.so.frustrating. 

I am so glad that my parents are not like that. But wait. I do not know about it. My father hardly ever expresses anything over such topics and my mother, is well, my mother. And on top of them is my aunt. I mean, some lady just has to drop in and gush over how beautiful and accomplished I am (which I am not) and she will probably marry me off to her son in a jiffy. 

That... that sounds pretty pathetic. And I know I am just exaggerating it but I just can't help it. It is as if I am being educated just so I become more eligible a commodity in the bazaar of marriage. I am not talking about dowry. Our families, despite all shortcomings in the area of marriages are mercifully exempt from dowry and shit. But that's only one plus. Believe me. 

I know I am exaggerating it all again and that there is every possibility that I would have the independence to work after my parents marry me off but why do I even need to worry my tiny little brain about stuff like marriage? I am not even 20 for God's sake! 

So yeah, there is your South-Indian families in a nut-shell. Graduation/Post-graduation is the prefect time to marry your girls off. (Even guys I swear). Ta-da!

Lovely? NOT. 

And this fear is something that I can't even share with most of my friends who are all bongs and who have a ridiculously forward attitude about the matter. I mean, so do my cousins and all other people of my generation but it is not my cousins who would be in charge of all this right? It would be my family.

And family doesn't just mean my parents who would be totally okay with me marrying after my PhD (as if I would do it) but my obnoxious relatives as well who (refer to the above mentioned points) are marriage crazy.

And this is not because I am a girl or anything. My poor cousin who is just like 25 or something goes through the same. It is just that in our families marriage is seen as the only way of 'settling down' and they have a really RIDICULOUS age set for it. 

So if I do not get a job or an M.Tech seat after my graduation, there is every possibility that you would see my marriage invitation on my blog after a few years. 

Oh what won't I give to drop a bomb on all of them and remain a spinster for all my life. 

Now that would be worthy of a plot twist. Aha! 

Though that would mean all my fantasies about a love story which I have been spinning since class 10 vanishing in a puff of smoke but when did those have any possibility of becoming true. So yeah, it is a total win-win situation. 

It is probably here that I should mention that I am ranting about a completely different topic than what is bugging me at the moment but I don't want to sound bitter and bitchy on my blog. Which I would if I start writing about the actual bug-zone region. So bear with my overly exaggerated rants about South Indian families and their marriages. You have something different to feed on than the stereotypical Idli and Dosa. 

On a completely different note, I would like to mention a few things that kept me going in my current bugged state. 

1. Neil Gaiman- This man can WRITE. And imagine. And write about those things he imagines in a way that would seem so so SO REAL. Thank you Antz for this one. Oh, the number of things I owe you for. If you like dark fantasy, you should totally read him. He.Is.Awesome. Period. 

My favourite so far is The Ocean at the End of the Lane. But then I loved The Graveyard Book, Coraline, Stardust and Neverwhere as well. I mean, you just cannot NOT love what he writes. And he is such a comfort when you are down. 

Mr.Gaiman, you simply rock my world. 

2. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries- If you love Pride and Prejudice, you will simply adore this. There and Pride and Prejudice adaptations and then there is THIS. Totally awesome. But then, what else do you expect from Hank Green huh?

Apart from these, I am also reading a lot of classics these days and the current one is The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy. So far, it is pretty good. 

And then there are your friends. Believe me, if you have friends like mine, you have the mental strength to get out of any crisis (though mine wasn't any CRISIS. Just me blowing things out of proportions with my imagination).

Be it Rimli with her I-told-you-this-would-happen (I swear she is psychic), or Huttu with Why-are-you-crying-over-what-you-know-is-true (insert mocking tone and humorous abuses) or Antara with the prefect words of comfort and empathy you can ever expect from anyone or Sushmita with You-are-the-best-and-anyone-else-who-disagrees-is-going-to-get-a-bashing-from-me or Arpita with the perfect balance of sarcasm and sense, my friends rock it and I just would be lost without them. Guys (I don't know if you are reading this), I owe you. 

Well, that's all for now. I leave with the assurance that I am NOT morbid because though I worry a lot, I still manage to get out of my moods and smile and talk around and get back into one of my morbid moods again :D It is a cycle. But hey, this is me and you are still reading my blog despite all of it (insert- conversation with imaginary readers). 

Reading my way out of my gloom, 


  1. Hmmm... It feels good to read these rants once in a while :P Keep them coming!!

    1. Hellooooo DS! What a pleasant surprise to see you commenting here! It feels just like the old times. Let me tell you that I am very very happy to have you here.
      And sure, these rants would sure be coming. That's all I seem to write these days :P

  2. @DS - You do realize the last paragraph makes us "imaginary". We don't exist to NS :P

    Well, don't get married anytime soon. Mrs. Kirta doesn't sound that nice (just yet). And do write a Kirti style story sometime soon :P am getting bored of only rants.

    1. I thought you people had given up on me. Good to know that you haven't!
      Of course I won't get married anytime soon. Didn't I say I was just exaggerating stuff?
      I do want to write a story but I just can't. No proper inspiration I guess. I might have to BAT for that I guess.
      Good to see you here Leo!

  3. very very happy seeing your new post!!!thanks for writing!!! good post!!!nice reading it(as always)!!!

    every time i read ur post-i see if there is any mention of new book(as i said i am a book lover)!!! "Winnie the pooh" i only read it and came to know of it-after reading your post!!! i did even thank you for that!!!
    this time-this i see no mention about any new book...!!! well but am too happy seeing your post!!!

    about marriage-i too feel the same.well.

    every time i read ur posts-i see that-though the post would be say happy,energitic-but somewhere
    i can sense an unseen pain-in all ur posts!!!i mean-i may be wrong too-but this is what i feel.even now this post-an unseen pain in ur words!!! but as i said earlier- all these are phases of life!! actually am sorry too-i may be wrong in my assumption(very hard to judge a person through posts)-but just wrote what i felt.

    u wrote in your earlier posts-u want to become an English teacher and teach students poems!!!
    am sure god would surely show a way!!god never fails in that!!!-i said this earlier too-but
    just mentioning again.!!!once again-so happy reading your post.kindly keep writing!!!

  4. well-one more word-i would like to honestly add.right from the day i found your blog and in one of your posts u did mention-you wanted to become a teacher-i truly wished and prayed god-that he(almighty)
    must show you a good way-to fulfill your dream(teaching).am not sure- "in what way god" fulfills it-but
    am 100% sure-he will show some way-to fulfill your dream of teaching!!!-am able to say this-because this is the trust on god that he never fails anybody!!! and am sure you will succeed!!!

    and one day in your blogpost-you will happily write a blogpost sayin that you did it(i mean teaching
    Tennyson poems...!!!)

    well-kindly keep writing!!!and once again-happy reading your posts!!!

  5. one more to add to above-and you are always in my prayers too!!!i pray god-that your dreams,aspirations must be fulfilled.i do not know you or things- but to pray about somebody-i believe it is sufficient-if we are human beings. this is the principle i have believed in!!!

    And about me-if i have to say-I am an MBA by qualification.but i am a teacher
    and teach English in school.i work in a school.my school is only for underprivilage children.
    so i dont take salary-i work as a volunteer in my school!!!i feel so happy teaching and
    seeing innocent children smiles!!!their smiles fill my day with true happiness!!well.

    well as i said-"god never fails anybody who are true to their dreams"-i wish you good luck
    and as always-kindly keep writing!!!!its always happy reading your posts!!!


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