Its very unlike me to write something on new year’s eve sitting and reflecting about the past but somehow I wanted to capture the racing time and put down about the most eventful year of my life.

2010 was both good and bad for me. It brought along the thrill and tension of the class 10 board exams. It brought the joy of good results(in class 10 of course!!) and it also brought a huge wave of studies that has buried me under!!!

To speak academically, this year has shown me lots of ups and downs. While new frontiers of science and literature opened up, there was the pleasurable thrill of gaining new knowledge but there was also the vexation of not being able to understand something at some point of time. Some incredible things happened with me this year too…. Like the KVS scholarship; the CPYLS program and then the joy of our project getting selected for Bio- Asia!!!!

Class 11 also opened a new door within me- acquired and insuppressible insincerity for example!!! For the first time till now, I learnt how to chill out even when I hadn’t done the homework!!!

To speak emotionally, which I always do of course; 2010 has been the most emotionally straining year till now. Hundreds and thousands of emotions, feelings have been inflicted on me, each one giving a bitter sweet experience. I made many new friends this year and got a few old ones back. And if possible came more closer to my best friends and my other friends at school.

I also made friends with pain and loneliness- two things I had felt many times but could define only this year. That was very bitter and terrible in a sense but it passes. Life goes on. I also experienced old feelings, suppressed emotions coming back but it made me face the bitter truth and I’m glad to say that my best friends gave me enough support to allow that to pass too. In many ways these bundle of emotions had me unsettled and for a while made everything seem blurred and vague but it also helped me in a way. It helped me to write. I could pen down every emotin in words like I never did before. I can proudly say that my 2010 diary is completely filled with the exception of few pages. I filled not because of any obligation to fill it. I filled because I wanted to pen down simply everything and when I read it back I find that I HAVE written some good pieces of poetry…..
So as a poet, as a writer; this year has taught me a lot. I have found profound interest in the poetry of old poets like- Keats, Shelley, words worth, Longfellow, Dora singerson shorter and many more.

I have already dedicated this year to the “love of my life”. Writing. But there are some people whom I want to mention separately without whim my year would have been more dull and boring than ever.

So here goes: to my brother- whom I love and miss a lot; to my cousins- Phani anna, Renu akka, Anil bava, who made this year even more special to me; my best friends- sushmita and Arpita: a million thanks for their unlimited support and love; All my school friends- especially Satadipa, Suranjana and Sneha who made the boring classes worth attending. Other school friends like Shikha, Narmada, Tanamika, Madhureema, Sukanya, Dipa, Sneha(ban) and many others who made my lunch breas and tuition classes more interesting; My lost and found friends- Mustafa and Siddharth; My new friends- Mohit, shreya, debomita, jonaki, Riti, Antara, Chandrima, Shrayashi, and many more; My family; My dentist even- he is in the process of making my teeth beautiful…
I want to thank all you wonderful people who made my year beautiful, eventful and enjoyable as a whole. I love you people!!!!!!! You guys rock!!!!!



  1. I am sorry i haven't been commenting for a LONG time!!!
    I am soooo glad I got to know you too! It's so much fun being with you :)
    You rock too!

  2. thanks!!!!! and no probs... how were ur exams??


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