Unreasonable feelings

I have shied away from the cloak of pain
and i don't know whether its a loss or gain
my mind is distracted, my heart is strong;
but i dont expect this to last for long

I have shut away from the door of emotions,
and i start towards reality with an assumption
that the enlightment i achieve would be far more,
so powerful that it can cover my sores

The hard world has driven me in a cocoon,
and i dont know whether its a bane or a boon.
my thoughts and words are pinned to my heart,
and i keep them safe in case they dart.

But the thrum of feeling betrays my mind,
I tried to stop but i ultimately find;
the fragments of emotions on paper,
and all my resolutions go into vapour.


  1. a cocoon it may now seem to you,
    but remember, my friend, this too-
    that a butterfly creeps out soon,
    so now you decide if it's a bane or boon!


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