going off again :P

I am back to the green background AGAIN. somehow, the templates with trees and stuff draw me too close....
anyways, i am posting after a long time. i say long time cuz i ought to have made a post for my birthday but owing to the fact that i am so lazy... i didnt...:P:P

so the thing that made me blog again was my visit to the temple yesterday. it was after a long time and thankfully, it was quite empty. i found peace there- after a long long time- the kind of peace you can only find in a temple. it was good to squeeze a few hours of peace and satisfaction by going there. as ever, i was amazed by the beauty of Venkateswara Swamy and his wives. The idols were beautiful, but more beautiful than that was the FEELING of realising the beauty. it was again good to remind myself that there is Someone after all, to look upon me and the whole world and give what we deserve. it was good. really really good.

I came across another exteremely sweet toddler there- some friends of ours. the kid was verrrrrry cute, his name was Srikar and he was hardly of two years. full of mischief, he made his poor grandmother run after him in order to keep him away from the huge bamboo sticks kept over there. he was quite shy with me at first, smiling demurely, and playing a slight game of peek-bo behind his granny's back; but after a while we became the best of friends.
so needless to say, i took up his grandmothers, job of running behind him. he was quite fearless, he was running on the parapet  along a small hut like thing used for hawans and all. i was asked to do the same along with him but the ceiling was bumping my head(so i AM quite tall u see!!) so i told him that since he was the superman, he should  do the stunts and i will walk along side him. he was pleased with that and started running on his tiny feet, singing some broken pieces of a song i couldnt catch. he wouldnt let me hold his hand(he was the superman after all) until he stumbled once. he automatically reached out to me, and it felt nice- his tiny fingers clutching mine...:):)
he thankfully got tired of the game and after that made me visit all the small adjoining temples nearby. he wouldnt let me pick him up first but he did come into my arms as he had to ring the temple bell(thrice...:P:P) and after that, he wont come down...:):)

so... overall, i enjoyed my evening yesterday. nice and pleasant in an uneventful way and it was with a smile i came back home...:):) 


  1. He sounds so sweet!
    Which temple was this???

    I LOVE the background, although maybe some flowers here and there???


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