I am going MAAAAAD!!!!!

Well honestly. School is due on TEUSDAY and today is sunday and its already SIX in the evening and i STILL havent started my homework yet. YET. and to tell the truth, i dont even know what the homework IS, period.
i am sooooooooooo sincere isnt it?? i know, i know. my stories of extreme sincerity is known across the seven seas.. :P:P that was a poor joke isnt it??

so result of not knowing and doing the homework- FRUSTRATION. well, its not that much related with homework actually, more to do with the terror of the school reopening again. oh God, i dont want to go to that shithole again. please. i beg with my parents, im doing so well sitting at home. i mean i attend all the tuitions, i do all the homework i score pretty good marks in all the tests, i eat properly when im home(well correction- i eat a LOT and it seems i have got a tummy too :P :P), i dont fuss that much on anything, and in short- i am a GOOD girl.

but, ah, the SCHOOL. i dont , dont , dont wanna go there. it feels like i m closed in a cage for six hours a day with people whom i think i know, but sadly i dont. i have never had this much trouble in UNDERSTANDING    
people. beacause i have always been the understanding one, the empathizing one so it is a stretch when u feel as if u are surrounded by strangers; COMPLETE strangers. and then i dont want to face HATRED again. a full 50 days without feeling any amount of regret, resentment and then going back to the same shithole and feel the same cartload of emotions that i dont WANT to feel is... very trying. but, i guess i have to move on.

coming on to much cheerful topics. im in love. AGAIN. No, its not Ray william johnson this time. No, no, no(imagine a naughty glint in my eyes) its Ian this time. (sushmita is doing a face-palm beside me and im LOLing :) :P :D) the handsome Ian (im beating up sushmita for laughing when i say he is handsome. well he IS. he is, he is, he is HANDSOME. BAS), the Hypnotizing blue-eyed Ian, the dashing Ian, the insanely humorous Ian.... sigh... the list just goes on and on and on... :) :)

for general information, Ian Hecox is another you-tuber and he has a channel called Smosh with his friend Anthony Padilla and this channel is the third most subscribed on you tube( the first being Nigahiga and the second being Ray william johnson :) :P) they generally make funny videos in it which are really really hilarious.
His other channel Ianh is basically his OWN channel where he makes two sequels- Ian is bored and Lunchtime with smosh. Anthony is also seen in most of these videos.

and regarding personal information- i LOVE Ian. he he he. hope my mom doesnt see this. i already fawn over him at home all day long, saying how beautiful his eyes are or how funny he is or how cool.... :):) and i certainly hope my brother doesnt see this for well, he will make fun of me and say "is it about guys yet AGAIN??" he he. my infatuations arent generally a secret. just a smile on my face and the people who know me will be like- "doosra koi mil gaya kya?? ab ye kaun hai??" :) :) :)

another thing of which i have become a HUGE fan- Leo's blog. its simply, truly AWESOME. and this word isnt even ENOUGH to describe his poems, his writings. the effortless way in which he writes has left me spellbound- and its a continuous process everytime i read his verses.
thanks to Antara for telling me about it. i really think my life would be wasted if i wouldnt have come across it...

here is the link, anyone interested can go there. rather i would INSIST you go there for you are NEVER going to disappointed... :) :) http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/

I was just going by my childhood pictures and i stumbled upon a few which made my jaw drop and ask my mom in surprise- "is that me??" :) :) so i though i would share it with all. and the best way to do that is posting it on my blog!!

Another thing i simply CANT get enough of are these positively WONDERFUL songs.
this one is by Hinder called- "better than me". i honestly get chills whenever i hear it. my eyes just pop off without their own accord and i relish the lyrics, the marvelous acoustics, and most importantly the way he says "what it feels like beside you"- it is, according to me- the best part of the song.

and this one is by 3 doors down(a band i accidentally discovered) called "Here without you". its funny that i should stumble upon their best song. anyways, this has found a permanent place in my favourites. the lyrics are just mesmerizing.

sigh. i guess i have to go now as i have to(howver grudgingly) do my homework. so till the next time(and i honestly dunno when is that going to be...) bbye!! be cheerful always and chill

PS: do check out the links i have enclosed here AND dont forget to see Smosh and tell me whether you like Ian!!

- the ever crrrrazy kirti :):)


  1. Leo is awesome isn't he? :) I have so many of his lines memorised.

    I've recently become a huuuuge admirer of Michael Fassbender. Awesome actor (and it doesn't hurt that he is uber-handsome).

  2. yeah he is awesome no doubt :) and i have to see some movies of this guy to become his fan too :P:P


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