Just another day...

Sorry for neglecting my blog like this for almost... er... half a month??
but honestly, the shock of the marks of the second unit test in my fav subject Maths and least fav subject Physics has shook me greatly.
so back to real slogging. I think i have read Alternating current for about 4 times since the exams. and also, i am near to completing the Arihant material. somehow, that book is making me like physics more and more(very surprising i tell you). but somehow, i dont feel like doing maths anymore. its has somehow, become boring. i am very moody, i tell you.
Sooooooo, the biggest event in my life at present is me lying sick on my bed for almost 3 days with tonsillitis. err... i dont even know remotely what that means but no one can blame me(i hope), biology is not my subject.
i miss going out...and just when i planned to go for the maths tuition, a coughing fit overtook me and i couldn't sleep a wink in the afternoon... I was up coughing like the pathetic TB patients they show on TB(though i definitely looked better than them).
My mother got scared out of her wits and you could have seen my grandmother getting confident by the passing moment that it was that medicine the new doctor gave me which has resulted in this adverse condition. And if you know my grandmother, you would know it is better to shut up than argue :P
I dont feel AT ALL cheery like my words may seem.
Firstly, my mom is running behind me with warm saline water for gargle(ugh) which i think is the worst part of getting cough AND cold.(i leave the theory of tonsillitis behind, its weary)
And secondly, i have nothing to do; not even good movies on my pc. so getting bored by the passing moment.
moreover, coughing like a TB patient does get on ones nerves after a while.

Today, as i was trolling on the net, i stumbled on the Bon Jovi song i was mad/crazy/fanatic about a few years ago.

It has wonderful lyrics, thats what i think caught my attention in the first place

we weren't born to follow
come on and get up off your knees
when life is a bitter pill to swallow
you gotta hold on what you believe

I suddenly feel more optimistic now, after listening to this song and also because 4 of my friends called one after the other to ask about my "halat"!!!

feeling more cheerful by the hour and more confused about what this post was about


  1. Don't feel like that:) Song is really lovely. So, now you'll be back to blogging actively...

  2. hii kirti, this is ipsita(hope you recognise me) live from bbsr. loved reading your blog. discovered it through uma di's blog. its yar nice to see people like you propagating ideas, and also makes me feel guilty that we guys havent contacted for so long. what can we do, not our mistake, with hateful maths and awful physics. got disgusting marks this time in maths(havent revealed it to my mother yet) ha ha. can i get your email id. wanted to talk to you,
    yours sincerely ipsita

  3. hi Ipsita(or to call you in a better way, Ipsi)!!! you cant believe how great it is to have you here on my blog.. its really lovely :)
    and believe me, the guilt part is applicable to me also.
    and of course, my email id is-
    would love to be in contact through mails.
    lots of love

  4. how are you?

    cheer up, be happy.

    your poetry is lovely, keep writing and sharing.

    w e are open until Friday, welcome joining us.

  5. http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com,

    hope to see you in.

    best wishes.

  6. Hi @cellostrings!!
    thanks for the invite. i am hoping to join too.


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