Super Excited

Excitement? Doesn't even COVER what i am feeling right now.
and i cant even find a suitable word from my vocabulary to describe the state i am in.


Reality that still sounds like a dream.
Reality that takes a lot of pinching and prodding to make myself believe.

YES, it has finally come, the day i was waiting for nearly all my life (well, not all my life, since class 5, i guess)
And this day has become even more sweet because we fought to get our right.

Err, it is not as dramatic as it sounds, but when our principal sir came and declared that this year teachers day wont be celebrated because of the tragedy that took place(i wanted to snort on his face) and also because the class 11 students were threatening to protest(i wanted to snort at that too), it was like a slap to our dreams of acting up as teachers we had seen since class 5.

Hence, began the battle.

The whole 12th class joined its forces and prepared for the first obstacle- tackling princi.
this was done quite easily, because after the tragedy, all the teachers and the principal himself, seem very eager to negotiate with us(lets see how long THIS lasts).

So, after tackling him, we were assigned another task- negotiating with the class 11 students.
this also turned out to be quote easy, because the actual trouble was lying with some kids and they were all-talks-no-action type.

So we did a lot of bhashan-bazi(well i did that a lot) and i wonder whether that was the actual reason behind my tonsillitis.
but whatever- emboldened with success, there was a lot of hugging and dancing at the home-time and i took a convenient break from school for the rest of the week by falling ill spectacularly.



I am fully prepared for tomorrow. its almost like i am a kid going out for a vacation. i remember this as the same feeling i had when i was going to Delhi on behalf of my school for the Youth parliament.
MAN!! that was ONE of a kind of experience. but details about that later. i was recently planning to write a journal or something on all the trips i have made alone without my parents.

Anyways, keeping useless things aside, i was... umm... talking about my preparations for tomorrow.
The sari is all set, so are the accessories(i honestly have no interest in them) and more importantly, all the things i am gonna teach tomorrow is set too.

Oh, btw, i am going to be Arti mam(TGT english), SHE has the qualifications, not me :P
 i dont think my dream of teaching english is going to be fulfilled, so this is my first and last chance to make my dream come true.
to tell the truth, it doeant matter to me whether i go in a sari, or casuals, or just school dress. teaching something i love is what i want. BAS :)

I was kinda hoping to go to class 10 and give them a good dose of "ODE TO THE WEST WIND" or "RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER" or (my favorite) "JULIUS CAESAR" but i have class 10 in the first period which is not gonna happen, so i have to content myself with class9, 7, and 6.

i have prepared separate worksheets for all three of them, and i am hoping to have a real quality time tomorrow.

I know i said i didnt care whether i went in a sari or school dress, but since, i am really GOING to wear it, i dont know what to feel. i feel excited but i feel very nervous too; not that i havent worn it anytime before but still, this time its different.

I am damn sure that all the 'uchal-kood' i am doing now will all be in pani tomorrow because i am going to be in a perpetual state of shyness.
God save me.

will give details of the ACTUAL day and upload a lot of pictures.
shaking with excitement;
doubtful if sleep would REALLY come;
thinking to SHUT this crap,


  1. Will be waiting for details...:) Enjoyed reading the post:)

  2. I KNOW!
    And it was SUCH an awesome day!!! I taught history and I never thought I would love it so much.
    But then history has always been my fav subject with english :D

    Waiting to hear allllll the details!!!!!

    And I'm sure you looked always :D

  3. kirti,
    you know what i also became the english teacher, in my school, dramatically got to know that though mine and her birth year is different, but the birth date is same!!!. it was kinda exciting too becoming a teacher, an english teacher of all. whats up on your end? interesting day it must have been. yaar, the english standard of the XIth class students is so poor that is !!! was nearly in tears that day!!!:(. aqnd certainly I will mail U. Dont get scared if you get a mail from: as it is my email address and its actually a genetic code. check the spam too, becoz my mail is having such a weird name that these google puts it into spam. enjoyed reading your post!!! what tragedy happened in school re??? really felt like asking.

    yours ipsita

  4. Thank you Saru Ji. i will post the details soon wheni get time. my net connection has gone for breakdown :(
    @Antara he he sure sure.
    @Ipsy. wow!! thats a coincidence. and yeah the standerd of 9th 10th isnt that good too. and yeah the tragedy was a 11th class student in our school commiting suicide.. gross

  5. what??? why??? a girl or a boy?? why? who did that??? can u mail me about this kirti??

  6. hey Ipsi... sorry i didnt check my blog since a long time... exams starting frm tmrw. so couldnt mail you. anyways a guy of class 11 did that cuz he failed in 1st unit test..


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