To the person I love... :)

She is the one who inspires me
the verse of my heart; my soul's melody.
the lullaby in my darkest nights
the battle song of all my fights
the symphony of the words I rhyme,
my personal conch in the sands of time.

She loves me with no demands
through all my tears, she holds my hand.
never a word that would sting me bad
a smile-generator when I am sad.
she is person I wouldn't replace for another,
she is the person I love-my Mother

Thanks to Leo for making me write this poem. I really did smile and feel happy after writing this :)

Whatever i express through my words about my mother, would just fall short of COMPLETELY defining what she means to me.
So just one thing- Thank you for your love, care, protection... everything. Thank you for making me the person I am, thank you for giving me the strength to stand, thank you for hearing me out, for wiping my tears, for being a good friend, for being a person with whom i could share ANYTHING :)

I love you :)


  1. @Deepak thanks :)
    @Farah im glad you think so. thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Nicely written :).
    What you have said is totally true.
    No one in this world can ever equate to a mother :) <3.

  3. Beautiful tribute to your mother...:)

  4. Magnificently written NS :)
    This is just so touching for the person who loves us the most without asking for anything in return - Mother.
    Have a nice day :)

  5. Wonderfully written. :) A very beautiful and touching tribute. :)

  6. @Pooja Thanks dear. I have just expressed what EVERYONE feels :) glad you liked it :P

    @saru di. thank you so much :)

    @DS thanks!! mothers really are something aren't they? :P :)

    @Raj I am glad you liked my verse. thanks for visiting my blog :) good to see you here :)

  7. You wouldn't mind if I wrote a poem about my mother too would you? :O
    I mean I was meaning to do it since a long time ;) but never did :(.
    I just dont want to to be like I copied or anything.
    Do let me know :*

  8. why would i mind Pooja??? of COURSE i wouldnt.
    go ahead with it!

  9. How beautiful.... This was very touching! You have captured my mind with such beautiful words!!



  10. @samyyr thanks! glad you liked it :)

    @L thank you so much. its always a pleasure to see your comments :)

    @Sam thanks!!!!!! its lovely to see you here :) :P

  11. Hello, How is your day?

    Hope all is well,
    Appreciated your invaluable support to us,
    Best regards.

    Join us any time and share a verse or two,
    Your talent pleases me and makes a huge difference too,

    Hope to see you in soon,

  12. well I really getting a lot of inspirations from you.....
    great didi

  13. @Jingle thank you. will try and join you soon... once i write a good verse next :)

    @Rainak thank you! and my poem inspiring?? that definitely made my day!! thanks again!

    @DS tumne bhi to itni DER baad ek post banaya :P i dunno yaar... i havent written anything new recently. i might just end up writing crap if i dont post a poem!! :P LOVED your recent post. absolutely LOVED it :)

  14. Loved it Kirti! Such a beautiful ode to the most beautiful person on this entire planet. Gave me goosebumps, LOVED it a lot! Keep writing, your words have something unique in them :)

  15. thank you so MUCH Arti JI!!! so glad you liked it!!

  16. Hey you put up a Save your voice ..or sumthing .....I clicked on it and it was no longer there..Coud you please bring that post back?

  17. @rahul i had some technical problem with the post. most of the ppl couldnt see anything except some green marks. so i reverted it back to drafts. will try and post soon..

  18. The best i have come across till now according to me ,pure magic

  19. @The new world thanks a lot! and welcome to my blog :)


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