Award Time!

I have been pending this post for quite some time, for reasons that wouldn't fail to bore you all, so let me keep my rants to myself and do the necessities :P

I would like to thank Gayathri for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you so much for this honor. You really ARE a passionate writer and a lot of fun on Indi!! :)

Also, a zillion thanks to Divya for awarding me; I am so glad that you find my writing worth the appreciation! Thanks for your mouth-watering blog :P and the damn good recipes that would save me in later years :P
Oh and yes, thanks for the much fun on Indi too :)

So I would sum up the rules etc for this award acceptance below:

1. Create a new post

2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award. 

3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.

4. State 7 random facts about you.

5.Claim and post the award pic.

Moving to the 7 random things about myself(please don't get bored people :P)

1. Music and books rule my life. You just need to get me started on the 'music' topic, you would hardly ever see me stopping. Oh the number of people I have bored because of this! :P

2. I hate judgmental people. Especially when they are stark strangers. :-/

3. The exam talk which starts wherever I go these days just gets on my nerves :-/

4. I mope over silly things. Like my 6 year old milk mug breaking. Without any apparent reason. Yeah, I know I am weird :P

5. I trust people very easily. No wonder I am a fool.

6. I love the double scoop ice-cream at an inconspicuous restaurant in the campus Veggies. They have a number of flavors and they are all YUMMY!!!(My favorite is Black current btw)

7. Tetris is my current obsession :P

I would like to pass on this award to the following people(Choose any of the award images you like above!)

  •  Sam- For being this immensely talented girl who is a total sport in whatever she does(which is almost everything :) :D)
  • Ritvik- For a unique post everytime :)
  • Kinara- For being a bold and beautiful writer :)
  • Ipsita- For being a great friend since childhood time and also a writer who writes with insight and emotion :) 
Thats all for this post I guess. Sooooo like the lazy me to club both the award posts into one, but what to do... I am BORN THIS WAY :P

Before I leave, this beautiful song from the gaga woman who enthralls me with her voice and of course, the great lyrics in this case.

Sometimes I wish to stand up and shout at the top of my voice- I WAS BORN THIS WAY YOU NUTHEADS :P but it doesnt happen always :P except in my mind :P

Oh maybe I should add this song too because it sums up whatever I feel very well :)

Taylor, I cant thank you enough for this beautiful, beautiful song :)

Well, thats all I guess(doesnt this tag-line seem familiar? :P) Hoping to come up with a new story soon!
And thanks to Divya and Gayathri once again for the award :)



  1. Oh Music. Addicted to it...well and truly.
    And the exam talk and judgmental people are driving me CRAZY these days. Already I am majorly them...
    And Veggies ROCKS. Although their paapri-chaat quality has gone down :| I used to love their paapri-chaat.

    1. :)
      arre snappy. tu to mujhe jaanti hi hai :P
      and paapri chaat? never tried that. khaana padega!!
      and truly. veggies ROCKS :)

  2. :O (*shocked*)
    Is my name Ritvik? :-P
    I can't tell you, how honored I am seeing my name above, that too on "Verses from my Heart".
    I'm so happy that I don't have words to say.

    Add me to the list of people who agree with your point #3 :-P

    PS: Thank you seems to be such a little word.

    1. oh come on Ritvik, whats there to be shocked in this!
      you are welcome and you totally deserve this award so shut up with the honored part :P

      added :P

      PS: aur ek bola to maar khayega seriously :P

  3. Dear kirti,
    Thanks a lot for this award kirti. And point to be noted fact is that being friends, I promise I will remain a good friend to you forever!!!! I agree with your point no. 2,3 and 6!!!!!

    1. hey Pisi. dont thank me yaar. you totally deserve it! :)
      and yeah, hope we remain friends forever :)

  4. KIRTI THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO MUCH DARLINGGGGGG. Tumne mereko itna khush kar di ki mein hindi mein bhi baat karne mein manzoor ho jaoongiiiiiiii. Award no 2 :D YAYYYYY Thanks for such an amazing bday gift. BIG HUGGGGGGG to you. Anddd Veggies ka ice cream. Swear on lord is amazing :)

  5. "I mope over silly things. Like my 6 year old milk mug breaking. Without any apparent reason." Dont think this is silly!! I am like this too!
    And would love to eat at Veggies, sounds great!
    And yeah, Congos for all the awards and honors, you deserve them all!
    Take Care:)

  6. Oh kirti first of all I am so sorry I am so late for it!!
    thanks a lottt!!!
    We share a lot in common, the music thingy is just so true!
    Someday, we need to have a long chat on this topic! :P
    Once again a big thanks!!!
    I'll do my pending work as soon as I get back to my blog ! :)
    These exams have been hectic!:(
    Btw, congratulations for the award! :D <3


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