When our worlds intercept

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In your world of dust and ashes
one day when you see my face
sweet in all its exhaustion,
beautiful in all its burdens,
bending over lush green daughters of the earth
loving them not unlike the little angel on my back;
you might just see the love in my eyes,
easing the pain in your own- 
that one day when our worlds intercept...

From your life of smoke and mirrors
you bring nothing but a heavy heart
your jingling pockets cant match
the twinkle in my son's laugh
neither can your glistening clothes
outdo our skin shining with sweat and toil...

But as you capture my world-
eyes through lens,
I might just smile for you
light up my eyes like never before
make you see the sheer beauty of life-
that one day when our world intercept...

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  1. Beautiful poetry.. some lines like twinkle in son's laughter and life of smoke and mirrors are well thought.. (music does inspire ;) )

    Well written.

  2. nice...when we finally interecept...much possibility when that happens you know...there are some very nice touches through out the poem as leo suggested

  3. Read it 3 times and understood a bit. The love comes through and the expressions too.

  4. The best lines were "your jingling pockets cant match
    the twinkle in my son's laugh"

    Superbly written and nice underlying theme.......loved it !

    And the picture perfectly compliments this :)

  5. Wow. The last stanza...I don't know why...I just.can't stop reading this again and again. So, so, so beautiful.
    Smoke and mirrors :-)

  6. Thats superb! Let the worlds intercept with a twinle.

  7. :)
    Your poems are as lovely as your stories:D
    I liked the way you put it in, when our worlds intercept:)

    P.S : Hey! I have been too late for this, but a little thanks for the award, now that I am back on my blog : http://kshahzworld.blogspot.in/2012/05/new-beginning.html


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