A Dream Come True

It was a sweltering hot summer afternoon. After a vehement refusal of joining my parents for the marriage ceremony of some far-off cousin, I lay down on the sofa finally hoping to cherish a few heat-free hours in front of the TV. But that is too much to wish for in the middle of the summer, isn't it?

Cursing the human race for increased Global Warming and its effects that were made to suffer by the poor me, I looked around helplessly waiting for a miracle to happen that would somehow erase the heat from the surroundings.

And Voila! There appears my brother carrying a tray with two glass mugs that seemed to be brimming with some golden colored liquid.

What would life be without that instant reaction your body gives on smelling and seeing something delicious? There is something inexplicably wonderful about the way a burst of saliva floods your mouth in the anticipation of food to come, something joyful about the gulp you take to stem that flow of excitement in you.
And when the food in question comes to in you beautiful, crystal clear glass ware of Borosil that enunciates every particle of the dish, the anticipation just inflates to the brim. Needless to say, precisely that happened in my case and those few seconds my brother took to reach me were like those long moments stretched to slow motion (like they show in the movies) with my eyes feasting on the drink.

"Guess what this is!", my brother asks me. 

"Just hurry up and give me the mug" I say impatiently.

"You will get this only if you guess correctly" replies my brother annoyingly. And that is when, I give a closer look to the beautiful beverage in his hand. 

At the bottom was a beautiful light brown syrup with the soda that was aerated with tiny air bubbles escaping to the top one by one. The middle layer was an amazing caramelized brown that stuck perfectly to the sides of the glass mug serving as a transition between the syrup at the bottom and the layer on the top. I could already hear the crunch 

And on the top was a thick layer of butterscotch in a mouthwatering shade of yellow. I could clearly see the white cream floating midst the layers of ice cream. Looking at it, all my childhood memories and fantasies came back to me in a whirl. 

Harry Potter and all the seven books, the extent to which I went trying to believe that I was a part of the magical world, the wait for Hogwarts letter, the tears on not getting it, the makeshift wands, the LED bulb at the front of it which I would switch on with glee while saying 'Lumos', the fantasy of trying of every tiny thing related to the world J.K.Rowling had created came back to me and the answer to my brother's question rose to my lips as easily as if it was always sitting there...

"Butterbeer", I whisper in awe and ecstasy.

"Butterbeer it is but with an opposite effect!", my bother smiles and hands me a mug. 

I sip it with a greediness that showcased 8 years of devout Harry Potter fandom... It was like a dream come true. 

With the first sip itself, I saw what my brother said- instead of the warming sensation as described by the book Butterbeer, our Butterbeer was amazingly chilled and instantly filled my insides with a cooling sensation.

And as I gulped down the rest of it leisurely, I felt that my wish of finding a chilled solace in the unbearable heat was finally granted.

Hail Butterbeer!

This post is written for My beautiful food contest from Indiblogger in association with Borosil.


  1. I think, you should really write gourmet yaar!!!!! this brought water in my mouth!! yummmm! totally! awesome! well written! :)


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