The Black Wishes

Who DOES NOT love black? Black, I have always felt is the color of non being. And that is where, as McGonagall  so wisely says, all vanished objects disappear. I love black because it mixes with everything and still stands out. It is, I my opinion, the classiest color imaginable. So whenever  I am in doubt, I go with black. Confused with my mobile body color? Chose black. Cannot decide what the hell I should wear? Put on a pair of black jeans. Shoes for college? Duh. Black floaters of course. If there is a color that you could choose with eyes closed and rest assured, it would be black. It looks good on EVERYONE and it can never go wrong.
Though there are about a hundred black things that I would absolutely like to covet, these are my top five

1. A black notebook-

I have always, ALWAYS wanted a notebook like this one. A plain, black cover, with a rubber band to close it shut and a small holder at the side for a pen. It is elegant, handy and simply AWESOME. I have goosebumps just at the THOUGHT of running my fingers over the black surface of such a notebook. Too perfect for words!

2. A black Kindle-

I have ALWAYS had people suggesting me that I get a kindle because I appear to be living in stone age to most of my friends with a good for nothing phone and absolutely no internet access. But more than the necessity to do FB and play candycrush, people suggest it to me because reading novels would be so simple then. I had never really considered the idea of replacing the amazing feel and of paper with an electronic gadget so when my grandfather told me that instead of buying so many books, I could just buy  a kindle (I bristled at the idea, let me tell you) and be done with it, I retorted with a ‘I don’t want all my books looking and smelling the same’. But now, after I had a go on my friend’s kindle, I kind of started entertaining the idea of a kindle. Don’t get me wrong, I am a bibliophile and I LOVE buying books so my sleek, black Kindle(If I ever get one) would be for all my engineering text books (which are WAY too expensive) and with the money I save on them, I could buy myself more novels! Great plan huh?

3. A black wand-

To say I simply want this would be an understatement. I NEED this. Every living cell of my body craves for this ever since I read the Harry Potter series. I have probably spent the better part of my childhood trying and making a beautiful, black wand like this one but needless to say, it has always been a huge fail. And whenever I look at THIS one and just see the sleek black handle of it, the magnificent body with the slender vines like structure it, I weep for its absence in my life. 

4. A black treasure chest-

Do you see that? Do you see that perfect, beautifully engraved black chest? Well, now you know what my dreams look like. I would KILL to have a chest like that standing on my shelf. All the things I treasure- letters from my friends, a pocket radio given by my best friend, the amazing cards that my best friends have made for me over the years and the tidbits that I love a lot. I do have a wooden chest but a black one? Would die to own it any given day.

5. Sirius BLACK-

Okay, so this character has been in my fantasies ever since J.K.R’s created world and my real world met. Sparks flew and BAM! Mr. Darcy and Phil of the future got blown away only to be replaced by Sirius Black. Have you ever read about a character that is super cool, super brainy, super funny, super troublemaker and somehow, super single at the same time? I give you Sirius Black. He's my favorite marauder, he made dog my favorite animal and gave 'cool'ness a whole new turnover. And yes, it is my secret wish to sit on that motorbike of his.
No, I refuse to entertain any idea that says that he is *gulps* DEAD. Sirius Black is very much alive and is in every way the man of my dreams.

But as Mr.Black is not a ‘black thing’ technically and despite my belief, impossible entity to possess, I would settle with the wish for a black Alsatian whom I would obviously name Padfoot. I have always wanted a dog and what would be a better thing to wish for than this!

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  1. and i would just add on to the black skies.. under which we spent happy times.. :)


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