The Energy Boosters of My Life

There are some things in our lives that bring us out from the darkest of times. They add that pinch of spice in an otherwise uneventful lives and make our outlook much more brighter. In other words, they add zeal to our lives. Everyone has their own list of such things and here is mine:

1. Books: 

"So many books, so little time". This has to be the most commonly used quote ever but it gets across my feelings so precisely. I have been addicted to books ever since my brother put a Enid Blyton book in the hands of a 7 year old me and I haven't looked back since then. It takes me just a good book to make me forget all my woes and miseries. Every time I open the pages of one, I forget the entire world around me. Books are divine- they give me that hope and zeal to keep walking on the path that I had chosen. 

The Book that has me bankrupt now :P But no regrets!

Just a few racks of my book shelf

2. Music:

Friedrich  Neitzsche says, "Without music, life would be a mistake" and I am glad that my life is not a mistake. Music is the biggest inspiration for me; it is amazing how vividly I am able to imagine a particular song as a story with all the emotions put into it coming alive.Good music never fails to move me, touch me, and raise goosebumps on my arms.
So be it the childhood favorites of Hannah Montana's This is life, Rockstar and If we were a movie, the amazing fusions of Coke Studio India or the beautiful melodies of Yiruma, music defines me and adds infinite zeal in my life.

3. Friends:

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” This is a line from one of my favorite favorite books, Winnie the Pooh by A.A.Milne. I find myself really lucky to be saying that I do have such people in my life whom I would want to keep till the day I stop breathing. It is very hard to find good friends and I wonder sometimes how I landed with having such amazing friends. They know me better than I know myself (It IS true), can make me laugh in the worst of my moods (and I sure can be cranky as hell), love me for the way I am and make my life so awesome. 
Best friends :)
Good friends= Greatest zeal in life.

4. Walks:

I love walking. Period. 

Be it a stroll in the campus alone or the chatter session with a close friend, walking is my favorite way of spending my time. I have been taking walks since my childhood days- we would wrap up a day's play in the evening and walk to the huge grounds of Tatasteel stadium in the campus. And when I became too big to be jumping around in a playground with kids, walking was the way all my evenings were spent going on walks with friends. We would stop at a favorite haunt to hog, successfully gaining four times the calories we might have lost by mistake :D But who cares right? 

And when I would be all alone in the town, I would take my favorite walk circuit and it would clear my head amazingly, make me think on the stuff that I had stashed in the pending drawer of my mind and help me have a clear approach on everything. Walking is like a huge release to me and needless to say, it is a big source of zeal in my life.
A walk with a close friend Sattu :)

5. My mother:

Me and Mummy :)
If there is anyone who fills me the most with enthusiasm and positivity about every thing under the sun, it is my mother. She is this amazing person who would find the bright side of everything and encourage me to do whatever I started because most of the times, I am filled with self doubts and leave it unfinished. She would take interest in WHATEVER I did right from painting a circle on a paper to washing my socks. She is the most creative person I have had the good fortune to meet and her touch is like magic. She can transform even the most mundane things into something very beautiful. She is patient and kind and loving and the best mother one can possibly dream to have. 

So yes, all the credits for filling my life with energy and zeal would hands down go to my mother!

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  1. Very good blog!!!Nice way of representing the thoughts!!!the blog's name"verses from my heart"-is so
    apt and so good!!!And i am too happy to see "books" being the first booster!!!And yes-the quotation
    "if you live to be hundred....."-is very touchy!!!i would add this to my "quotations-collection".And being a
    good book lover myself,i would surely read the book"Winnie the pooh"!!!-i loved the quoate so much
    that i felt like to read the was good reading through your post.I could correlate many.
    good blog!!

    1. Firstly, welcome to my blog. I am so glad you liked the post and could relate to it. Books HAD to be on the top of my list! I cannot survive a day without them.
      I love the quote too; it is a part of my own quote book. Do read the book, I am sure you will love it.
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Do come again! :)

  2. Thanks a lot for the kind response!!
    well,For visiting the blog i hve been thanked so much,but very honestly,i feel,I must redirect that thanks
    to you because,"verses from my heart" not only made me very happy reading the good posts here
    "but also" introduced me to many more good books and good quotes!!!so it makes me feel good!!!
    so am thankful!!

    Winnie the pooh-I couldn't get the book due to unavailability of the same.I have to wait few more days
    to get it.well.But i found a link that has good collection of quotes from the book winniw the pooh.
    here is the link.Just sharing. buy the book soon.

    and once again,it was good reading through your posts,kindly keep writing many more !!!

    1. I am delighted that you have taken such a keen interest in my blog and the books that I have mentioned here!
      I did check out the Goodreads quote page and I love the quotes there :)
      Thank you once again for your patience in reading my posts, the pleasure, trust me, is all mine :)

  3. Thank you for the kind response.

    and usually when it comes to books-whenever i come across reference of any good book,i always make it a point to make note of the same and read it.well.That is the respect what i hold for the book.well.
    Came across names of good books in your blog too.So just made note of them.I hope i would read them soon.

    and yes-read your blogspost "of padpost and prongs"(December 2013 post).It was so good!!!
    n yes-john green's quote which was written at the beginning of that post was so good!!!
    added it to to my quotes collection.nice post.And there is a sentence in the last paragraph of that post,
    "it is really difficult to find good people and good friends"-good sentence!!its so true in life!!!it was very was good reading through that post.

    and i am honestly too sorry to leave my comments for that blogpost here.
    As its an old post-so just gave my words for that post here.well.

    and about googlereads quote page-kind of you to consider it and see it.thank you.
    nice that quotes are liked.

    and yes -pleasure is mine reading the posts!!!

  4. personally.... Mother and Walks...+coding are my favorites... boosters..
    This blog is of a kind... touches and expresses.. all .. whats in your heart.Sometimes feelings of heart are represented by words on paper.Yours is soul satisfying. !!Awesome Work!! keep on!!1


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