Conflict- happy or sad?

some wounds are still sore
and their wide, red mouths grow bigger with time
but the blood no longer oozes out,
it has dried to extinction.

some burns still sting
tears stinging my eyes instead was much better
at least i could wipe them away
but the tide of time can never wash away my scars.

some sights still scorch
a few visions my memory is happy without
blocking them away does no good
the shut drawer in my heart rattles and rattles
threatening to break out 
to drench me in the everlasting darkness again...

Sorry for posting such a depressing poem on this proud proud occasion of Independence Day but these were the first words i could type today.
sometimes it so happens with me despite the happy thoughts in my head, something, a tiny incident, a tiny memory flashes before me and the happiness is lost in gloom.
at times like this, i cant concentrate, cant study and sometimes cant even write.
In the morning i was singing the National Anthem like a hundred times, feeling so proud, so content but when i sat to make a post, the hidden feelings came out. but my mood isn't that worse to mope all day but i felt like sharing this, so there you go.

at the end of the day(or morning rather), i maybe the ever smiling Kirti but somewhere, at some corner of my heart there are some woes that are screaming to be heard but the screams are silent, afterall i dont want miseries cloud my happy life; i dont want to keep away the smile off my face.

grrr... such melodramatic lines. :P


  1. Though it's sad but the expression is brilliant. Few people manage to pen down emotions. Happy emotions are easy to portray but writing about sad things is a difficult task...

  2. Thank you Saru ji. what you said is very true. sad emotions ARE hard to protray. glad you like this :)

  3. I hope you feel better. The best way out of feeling depressed is to express it. And you have done that beautifully!

  4. thank you Shweta ji. glad you liked it :)

  5. Very strong. I like this

  6. blessings, cheer up.

    powerful piece.

  7. I think a poet must let his or her feelings out when they are yearning to be loosed. This is where true poetry comes from--the heart. Well done!

    My late offering for this week:

  8. the realities of life so wonderfully described in words.

  9. Hey sometimes dark is okay :)

    Best of luck for your exams (which I am sure are going great as usual...forget physics :P).

    Missed you on Friday...

  10. thank you Kalyan. glad you liked it
    @antara. yeah thats true. and i missed you too. this friday also :P

  11. Letting even those feelings that are sad out in words is still art and it is human. Thank you.


  12. One can never feel rue for where creativity sets its muse from, a great write

  13. @abthomas thanks a lot. glad you liked it :)
    @JP, thank you for visiting and liking my poem.
    your blog is really cool :)

  14. good luck on your studies, lovely poetry.

    share a piece of poetry with us if you could.
    bless you.


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