Dreams coming true :)

Dream come true doesnt even cover what i am feeling right now!!!
FINALLY going to watch Haryy Potter and the Deathly Hallows part-2.
Only i know how much i craved for it. ok, so i always had only a 'little' interest in the Harry Potter movies cuz the charm alays lie with the books.
but everyonetalking left and right about the movie and reading the revie, and watching the trailers, it got into my hea too-i wanna watch the movie and not at home; at some good theatre.
so here i am, in Kolkata; bunking two days worth of school(no regrets for that but i would miss Nayak sir :P :P) and one tuition( a bit of regret in this case cuz we had plans to have a game of "killer killer" today) only to watch the movie.
I slogged the whole night yesterday with PHYSICS(of all subjects but this D.C.Pandey book is damn interesting) so that my parents wont have complaints that i am not studying ONLY to watch this movie.
sigh. so i finally know what it feels like when dreams come true.
cuz honestly, Harry potteris something i have never been able to keep OUT of my dreams. right since my first book to the finale and to this date, i LOVE the series and would never cease to do that.
Harry potter used to be the world i lived in when i was a kid, the thing that made my day all  the time.
i still remember rattlingour postbox everyday when i was eleven, wishing just wishing the letter would come. admitting this is embarassing but... i dont care.
ummm, i dont have anything else to say now, cuz i am too excited. so would give the details later.


  1. WHAT! You're not coming for the game because of HP movie???


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