Just letting my tears fall

Just letting my tears fall…

Unexplained pain wrecks my heart,
Frustration and worry that refuses to part
Since there is no one to answer my call-
Today, I just let my tears fall…

The cruel world mocks me on my face,
Beckoning me and then speeding its pace
Standing alone, I watch my shadows grow tall-
Today, as I just let my tears fall…

Comfort of my writing is snatched away,
With cruelty and ignorance that never sways
Replaced by a yearning that never palls-
And so today, I just let my tears fall…

Terrified of failure, doubtful of success
My head becomes a nerve-racking mess
I succumb as my fear takes its toll-
With a throbbing ache, I just let my tears fall…


  1. It's good to let tears fall for once, rather than trying to contain them to break you completely some day...
    You reminded me of a poem I wrote someday Is it a crime to fail ?

  2. I know how you feel...coz it is same here you know that...

  3. its ok.. just keep up ur confidence..
    keep smiling.. tc

  4. Never give up! I know it can be hard at times, but if you love to write--and I bet you do--then never stop!


  5. very sad and moving words.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very moving lines, I know the fear of failure creates a huge mess in our heads. We must always try our best to think positively. Just keep writing always:)


  7. Exam tension!!!
    Dont worry, you will pass will flying colors :)

  8. I know and understand, it's never late,
    On the lighter side, girl's should least cry for that matter, pass out the univ. Find a rich groom though he be ab ass, make him cry, your share.

  9. I know and understand, it's never late,
    On the lighter side, girl's should least cry for that matter, pass out the univ. Find a rich groom though he be ab ass, make him cry, your share.

  10. A masterpiece. I hope you wont mind me sharing it on the FB.

    I loooved it. I know it's sad but what a poetry!

    Hats off!!!

  11. Love this poem. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Rally!

  12. I'm a sucker for poetry and this was beautiful.


  13. awesome piece..
    "I just let my tears fall" clearly depicts the feel of sometimes when we like just crying it out will help.

    Fantastically written !!!

  14. @gaurav thanks... i really liked your poem too :)
    @Antara yeah we are in the same boat now... lets hope we reach the shore safe :P
    @Siddharth thanks... and it was nice talking to you after a long time :)
    @charles thanks for the inspiring post you shared :) and thanks for visiting my blog :)
    @morning thanks a lot :)
    @neha thanks... and yeah its the FEAR of failure thats more overwhelming..
    @DS you did pick out the gist of it pretty well :P thanks for visiting my blog :)
    @Pramod Ji ha ha... i really laughed at that... but i am not gonna marry anyone who has lesser IQ than mine :P :P
    @saru ji *blush blush* i am really glad you liked this... and of course i dont mind :)
    @chevrefuielle i am glad you liked it... thanks :)
    @soumyaa thanks a million!!!
    @jyoti thanks dear. i am glad you liked it :)

  15. Posted on my wall yesterday and there were so many comments and like on it. I was trying to change the settings to public when I accidentally deleted it. Posted again, here's the link:


  16. No wonder saru said these are the best poems she ever read....

    god bless....you write so well....

  17. Very very beautiful...
    Sadness, written all over it..
    But heartfelt and honest..

  18. Sometimes letting the tears fall is the only thing thing that will help. it's cleansing and will prepare you for a fresh start.

  19. @saru ji. thanks for sharing my poem on FB. :)
    @Chintan thanks for visiting my blog... i am glad you like my poem :)
    @kunal thank you very much :)
    @Dan yes, it is true. fresh start is something i badly crave for. thanks for visiting my blog :)

  20. Beautifully sad penning, touching. You are not alone dear. So many of us are going through the same pain. here, read me at the link below, how I lament in a different way ~

  21. awww.....this one's for u darling:

    Though it's been a while,
    Since you felt and wrote this way,
    It's close to me, this feeling, dear,
    When heart's too heavy and looms a fear,
    Just let the tears fall....

    And when doubt is something,
    That makes you afraid,
    When things begin to tumble,
    And those you can't evade,
    Just let the tears fall.....

    And when the rain stops pouring down,
    When drops become few, and get stalled,
    Then the sun shall shine nice and bright,
    And those very tears shall ignite,
    The flame that you always had!!:)

    Wishing u the very best for evrything:)

  22. @aakriti thanks for the HUGELY inspiring words :) they are beautiful.. thanks :)

  23. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Click on this link for details ~
    Keep up the good work! :)

  24. Emotional and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your work!

  25. \m/ very nice :)
    very heartfull dear ")


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