Merry Christmas and ummmm... Just Merry Christmas :P

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!(though belated)
May Santa bring happiness and cheer in all our lives :)

So the point of making this post was to accept the "Versatile Blogger award" from Purvi and do the necessities.

A million thanks to you Purvi  for this awesome Christmas present :) Its really an honor and even i feel intensely attached to your posts and verses- they are so close to my own thoughts :) Thanks again.

So the seven random things about me are as follows:

1. I HATE eating papaya; it seems so gross to me and those stupid papaya trees in my garden just never seem to STOP producing that awful stuff that my mom force-feeds me. The most embarrassing thing is that once she fooled me into eating it saying that it was Lauki and the idiot i am, i devoured it unsuspecting :P

2. I am VERY shy with strangers- not the usual chatterbox most of the people associate me with.

3. I actually DO like Justin Bieber songs. I dunno why so many people hate him and say all that crap about him; i think his songs are well versed and quite melodious :)

4. I WORSHIP Linkin Park- come and say a word against them before me and you're DEAD :P

5. I hate it when people pinch my cheeks and call me cute. UGH!!!!

6. I love sneezing. yeah i know i am nuts :P :P

7. umm what else... I love calculus (ugh, cant believe i am talking about STUDIES right now!!)

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:
  1. Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers (you’ll find my list at the end)
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post.

The Fellow bloggers i nominate are:

1.Antara- A very close friend of mine, a wonderful person and an immensely talented writer; a girl with whom you can share everything because she MEANS whatever she say, she isnt diplomatic. she is for REAL :)

2. Purvi herself- a blogger whose every post is close and related to me :)

3.Saru Ji- a WONDERFUL writer, and AMAZING poet- her poems fill me with awe and admiration. Also, an immensely encouraging person; my every post is incomplete without her comments :)

4.Aakriti- I started reading her blog just recently, but i love whatever she writes- she has a unique style of her own :)

5.D2- Oh i just love the way he writes. There is so much gravity in his words, its mesmerising :)

6. DS- Again another fellow blogger i met through Indiblogger. He makes cricket much more interesting for me!!

7.Gaurav- (I am tired of saying it again and again that i came across most of these wonderful blogs via Indiblogger!!) A very versatile writer- touching and thoughtful words is how I identify his style :)

8. Pooja Pradeep- A very genuine blogger- someone who puts the way it really is :)

9. Leo- I have been a fan of his poems ever since i read them for the first time. errr if you want to know how INCREDIBLY well he writes, just go see his blog or just ask me!!

10. Anil- My dearest, most awesomest cousin :) i missed his marriage, no one but me knows how hissy a fit I threw upon it. He is the person who inspired me to open a blog and i can NEVER thank him enough for that.
And btw Anil Bava, do you even have ANY idea of how UPSET i was when you didnt come and meet me like you said when i was in Hyderabad?? i nearly ended up in tears( ok i know this is embarrassing). If it hadn't been for Kalpana mam or Srinivas's Bhaiya's MOST COOL sister or Imran Khan whose movie was THANKFULLY coming on Colors  i would have spent my entire trip moping over that. But its okay, you are forgiven :P :P
(back to normal)
And it doesn't HELP that he is a pass out from ISI BAngalore(imagine- ISI BANGALORE!!!!!!) and a MATHEMATICIAN(something i would KILL to become but going along the lines of my preparation, i wont :P) or the fact that he is an amazing writer himself or the fact that i havent seen him in 10 yers? 12 years? whatever.
I should stop here. i mean seriously. like SERIOUSLY.

Ok then, a very advanced New year to all and............................................
i should be going now to solve a VERY irritating, VERY interesting, VERY frustrating circuit problem. D.C.Pandey, i love you and hate you at the same time for making me battle with my wits on a physics problem :P I think i should better apply the Kirchhoff's law though, the symmetry thing got mesed up anyways.

Phew. will anyone believe me if i tell them that i have been making this post since THREE days??? ugh!!!

SERIOUSLY going now!!!
have fun all :)

PS: Btw Antara. thanks a MILLION for making my 2011 Christmas memorable for me. Such a heart-to-heart talk i had after a long time!!!!

yeah i know i know, i m going. im GOING :P :P


  1. Oh my god THANKS for this!!! Will make an acceptance post verrrry soon!!! And I love you for being so real too :-) for not being afraid to be yourself. For your practicality, because it helps ME to be practical about stuff.

    I don't like Beiber :-P i will comment on his singing properly only after his voice breaks fully.

    And my you just made me so self conscious! Going to practise physics :-P

  2. Thanks a ton for the award NS!!
    And you seriously love Maths...
    Dont even get me started on Kirchoff's law, Just hated physics...
    Merry Christmas :)

  3. @DS I hate physics too :D

  4. Thank you very much for the nomination :) I hate Bieber, yeah absolutely! :D but I have every song of Linkin Park to-date. ;) Remind me to pinch ur cheek and call u cute when we meet B-)

  5. Congrats...And thanks a lot dear. Some wonderful facts about you. BTW, how can anyone love calculus;) Guess only intelligent people can:)

    Thanks again...:)

  6. Hola Kirti:) Thank u so much:) So wud u like to be called Ms. Love Sneezer;):P haha:D....My 4th Versatile Blogger award comes from u :) Glad u liked reading my posts:)
    Many many congratulations to u!

  7. fabulous…


    Hope that you have had a great Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for the delightful support along the way,

    Happy New Year.

    Share a piece of your poetry today at our poetry party today,

    Have fun!

    Sending you love and blessings.


  8. @antara you are welcome :) and errr... you made me self-conscious too!! :P
    @DS you are welcome!!! and well yeah.. Maths seems to be the only thing that i can DO :P :P so i love it. and BTW there is no bigger physics-hater born on this Earth than me :P

    @Leo. you are most welcome. (no comments about beiber. but i do think boys have a FAT ego when he is concerned. nothing personal.. just sayin, just sayin :P :P)
    you are lucky you didnt say you hated LINKIN PARK else you would SO dead in your bed by now(wow that rhymes!!) :) :) and abt the last one, how could you be so MEAN!!!

    @saru ji thanks :) and i dunno why i love calculus but im sure it has got nothing with me being intelligent cuz if i were that, i would be solving 50 IIT JEE sums in an hour. which i obviously cant :P :P
    @Aakriti you are welcome!! well yeah you can call me whtever you want. 'weird', 'crazy' 'nuts' are very common terms assoiated with me :P :P and thanks!

  9. Hey sweetie :D :).
    Thanks a lot for awarding me :D :).
    I was very honored to receive it ;) especially from great writers like you :D :).
    You hate PAPAYA :O omg :O.
    I hate Justin Beiber :P but I love Never Say Never <3 :D.
    I will seriously pull your cheeks and call you cute when I meet you ;) :D.
    You love CALCULUS too? :D :D :D. OMG I LOVE YOU <3 :* Finally found a person who likes calculus like me :D. I'm crazy about Maths too :) :D.
    I hate physics x-(.
    Anyways I think I should go too :P :D. Or I'll bore you ;) :D.
    Thanks a lot once again dear <3 ;)

  10. Hate Linkin Park? :-o that's what you got out of "I have every song of Linkin Park to-date"? :P That's quite MEAN too, in my opinion!

  11. errr...i said you were lucky you didnt say THAT. ok i should shut up now, im not making any sense :O and YOU talk about being mean?? you?? who obliged to do the thing i ummm dislike? dont like? hate? whtevr. duh.

  12. I am soooo touched by this re-nomination, not only is this new connection with you so vibrant, ti seems like its gonna go a lonnng way to come. :)

    I love your works , versatility and the way you directly address your friends in the end. ;) Will soon do the post for The Versatile Blogger. :)

  13. thanks you for liking my posts Purvi.. and ofcourse we would come off a longgggg way!!
    and you totally deserve the renomination :) :)
    smiles :)


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