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OK so i am seriously pissed off.
One, i am SICK and TIRED of doing sums of infinite series which seem absolutely BORING and worthless to me. There is NO point in calculating the value of some never ending logarithmic series or exponential series with your hand when there is a thing called CALCULATOR for God's sake. What is the PRACTICAL aspect of it anyways?

Two( i think this is the REAL reason) i HATE being made fun of in the computer tuition! It's just so damn UNFAIR the way Sir always makes digs at me for talking when EVERYONE, including HIM were chattering non-stop at that time!! And i always seem to get into pointless arguments there. And i don't even say anything to our most RESPECTED sir. I talk with my only two friends there- Riti and Suranjana. But if he has the enormously IRRITATING habit of listening to everything i say its SO not MY problem.

As usual, i was talking to Riti saying that i again had a great idea for another story and she was all do-write-it and i-wanna-read-it and i was like i-cant-write-it-now-cuz-pre-boards-coming-up and its-such-a-distraction etc etc when she said "tujhe likhne me kitna time lagega". And in order to be completely truthful i replied "arre bohot time lagta hai, even when i am in a flow. Main to 1 hour me sirf 3-4 pages likh pati hun"

So you see it was a totally harmless and day-to-day conversation that ANY two people might be having given any day. And the conversation elmost ended there evn. ALMOST i emphasize because SIR butted in at that instant.
"Likhne ke beech me bak-bak karti hogi. 15 min likhna phir 15 min bak-bak. Varna koi 1hour me sirf 3-4 page likhta hai kya??" (Imagine Bibhas sir's mocking and insulting tone. God, i wish i had the audio or video of it. Or no, that would be insulting myself on my own)

And so naturally that pissed me off. Who WOULDN'T be offended by this? I claim to be a poet. And writer. God, that's the only thing that i can do except solving maths problem(something i am not able to do at this moment owning to the fact that i am pissed off)
And i honestly DON'T EVER TALK when i write. I am seriously irritated when someone disturbs me when i am writing. I agree that i am a chatter-box but who the hell DOESN'T talk in that freakin computer tuition?
But seems like i am on sir's hit-list so i am made the guinea-pig EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Hello, Mr I-am-the-best-PJ-cracker, cant you see there are other SEVEN students in front of you to make digs at? But seems like you have to single out a KV IIT student in light to your own BELOVED DAV students. But hello again, there is ANOTHER KV IIT student there too. Your favourite student and me best-friend-at-school Suranjana. But seems like there is no fun in taunting HER is it?????

And so, when he said, i defended myself by saying "Main kahin se dekh ke nahin likhti hun, KHUD se bana ke likhti hun to zyada tine lagta hai"

"Khud se likhne me to kam time lagna chahiye. Dekh ke ya yaad karke likhne se to zyada time lagta hai!!"

(sniggers all around me)

Holy crap!!! what do i say to THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And taking liberty from sir-making-digs-at-me, OTHER not-so-interesting-guys have started doing that too!!!
I was not the only one to get the Base address of one problem wrong. Suranjana made the same mistake as well too. But no, I have to made the guinea pig AS USUAL.
And Mr I-am-so-sure-of-myself Suraj, YOU did the same mistake yourself the first time too, so  there was absolutely NO POINT in making fun of me over that and saying "vo phir tumhari hi galti thi" and then sniggering along with Sir when i made a face.

OK i agree people get free laughs on account of some things i say and the supposedly hilarious faces i make, but POKING me do the same is simply NOT DONE.

So i hope that is clear Mr I-have-the-insane-habit-of-evaesdropping and Mr You-make-hilarious-faces and Mr Phir-vo-to-tumhari-hi-galti-thi, I CANNOT tolerate being made fun off and i simply cant get my stupid mouth shut from saying some stupid things but no one is asking YOU people to hear. I say funny things only for the benefit of MY FRIENDS. RITI AND SURANJANA.

Hope that is CLEAR. Also the fact that i was terribly HURT when things are said about my WRITING(ignoring the fact that i nearly laughed for 10 minutes with Riti after that happened. IGNORING THAT :P :P)

Got it? Thank You. (though i sincerely hope none of them reads THIS post cuz i am SO dead if that happens. ANTARA- SHUT your mouth about this. I would be thrown out of the computer classes i so badly need :P :P)

And it doenst HELP when my PARENTS roll with  laughter when i tell them this. huh. as if i care. i am now on strictly a no-speech policy from now on. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

still fuming




  2. lol lol lol!!
    Sorry :O.
    Its funny :D ;).
    hmm! *controls* Poor ya :(. It happens!! Uff! :).
    Cheer up :P and keep IGNORING :P :D.
    lol again :D :P

  3. Main aur comment karu? ;)
    Something about astronomy :-P you know what i am saying :-P :-P

  4. @antara haan haan has aur has. and i have NO idea wht you are talking abt :P :P
    @pooja yeah ignoring is the only medium i am upto :P :P

  5. SunMoon :-P ab toh samajh ja....
    Yahaan pe only Sun.
    Bechara SunMoon :-P

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