She Goes on...

She waited,
with a pen in her hand
and hope in her heart
doodling patterns in the makeshift paper of her life
waiting, just waiting for the things that never come to her...

The moon was her quill,
its beams the ink in her words
and they moved on
with the speed of light
tracing words on the parchment of her heart...

Sleep was a bliss that wont come;
for tears obstructed her closing lids
so she kept them open,
with the hope that the air will burn them out
but the dust in the air stings hers eyes all the while...

Dreams were a tragedy she couldn't escape;
for they kept flashing on the inward eye-
one that she hasn't yet lost to the world
showing images impossibly untrue
illusions of a future she couldn't have... 

Smile was a past she craved;
her eyes sat in constant hope of reflecting it,
her face aching to be lit again
with a happiness that wont play peek-a-BO;
tired, so tired of life and its games...

Thoughts were the devil that never left;
sitting and retrospecting- what she had, what she lost
with sanity the only thread binding her to life
she goes on- with nothing but a faint trace of her originality,
she goes on- struggling on the makeshift paper of life...


  1. This is incredibly beautiful Kirti,throwing light on the futility of the materialistic world!

  2. Lovely! It felt like you were reading from my soul. :)

  3. for tears obstructed her closing lids
    so she kept them open,

    i loved the lines ....beatiful poem.

  4. Another gem of a poem NS!!
    The emotions flowed like a river in monsoon!!

  5. and she goes on n on...
    really thatz wat happens in reality... we always get past things whether good or bad...

    beautifully crafted !!

  6. Uf this was amazing yaar. Loved the way you weren't bound by a rhyming scheme or syllablic pattern.

  7. A wonderful poem. Enjoyable to read!

  8. well done, I totally get this, feels as if you are talking about me :(


    happy gooseberry day!!

  9. @Rohit thanks a lot :)
    @jyothi thanks. this is something many would relate to :)
    @ A guilty conscience thank you for visiting my blog. i am glad you liked this :)
    @DS thanks!! and when are you updating YOUR blog?? :P :P
    @Jyoti thanks a million :)
    @Antara thanks yaar. an dhaan is baar sach me rhyming scheme ke bare me nahi socha... :)
    @charles thanks!!
    @Morning thanks you :)
    @Mehlynn thanks. i can understand what you say

  10. Acha kiya nahin socha. The emotions took over in a very good way :-)

  11. Oh what a sad but beautifully written poem.

    Anna :o]

  12. Seriously Speechless.
    You have written them in such a nice and graceful way ;). Loved it :D.
    Its like you have written out my feelings :).
    Splendid work dear :).

  13. thanks a lot pooja :) glad you liked it :)


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