A very musical poem :)

Sometimes like a Lonely Satellite,

I'm all alone, counting Ships in the night.

Their glowing lights look like Fireflies,

remind me of what lay Behind your blue eyes.

I was then Blind in your love,

Unaware that it was Imaginary above.

Like a Lifeline I needed you along,

for me, your Love was like a song

Little by little, the truth became clear,

and I used to believe, you were With me here.

All that is left are the memories of Vanilla twilight,

as you left me in pain, like a Lonely satellite... 

Felt this HUGE, searing burst of inspiration today and wrote this :P Put one of favorite songs in each line. Tried not to mess withe their titles, but had a put in a word or two in between to make the poem...

Hope you like it. I will love you if you listen to all these beautiful songs and I will love you even if you dont!! :P



  1. WOW!!! I don't have words to describe this.
    How do you even get such ideas.. Out of this world!
    Really.. WOW! This amazed me!
    Are you from this planet? I have serious doubts :-/

    PS: Haven't heard all songs yet! Will hear one-by-one now! :)

  2. oooooooooooo. now tht is seriously incredible ^_^

  3. Now THAT'S frickin Fannnntastic!!!!!!!! :D I have read prose written this way, but never poetry. WOWWW that's QUITE some awesome post! Especially since I share your intense love for these songs.
    Brilliant, brilliant :D

  4. Your brain works like a super computer!! This is just so creative, unfortunately I cant listen to the songs from my mobile.

  5. I think I will have to agree with DS here. Fantastic post, not only is it creative it is also everything beyond.

    I think I should nudge you to put down some of your favorite numbers in a list as they overlap with some of mine n I`m too lazy!

    This post after bat has made sure I`ll be dropping by often :D

  6. Wow! I dont listen much to those songs but your poem was awesome....Nice creative work :)

  7. As you know, I have no clue about songs. But thanks for the last line.

  8. Oh, you're simply my kind of a person. Just that you're a wee bit more creative and I'm a wee bit more cranky.


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