My eyes were like the withered petals
drooping and dead against their might
when you came like a lively breeze
teaching them to stand and fight.....

My heart was like a shy flower
retreating into its own gloom
when you like a beautiful bird
came in there to make it bloom...

My thoughts were like a distant sea
unfathomable and unreachable
when you came like a high tide
scattering them towards the people....

My dreams were like an empty pool
struggling to break away the bonds
when you came like the facets of light
making them bold and strong.....

My entire being was incomplete
without your hand to guide me through
your thoughts and words make me up
and these verses are completely true.... 


  1. very nice....probably ur best of what i have read so far......

  2. Kirti i knew u had talent but the extent to which u hav developed them is awesome .. what gr8 thinkng and imagination .. i luv the poem.. literally luv it

  3. thanx a lot yaar...so nice of u to appreciate it...

  4. Its a great piece of poetry. Bt its more than dat. its about love. i think bout a person u lyk... ur boyfriend...

  5. yawn yawn... classy joke...but wake up mohit..i dont hv any boyfrnd voyfrnd....zarurat nahi hai...


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