Magical Hands....

I drew the imprint of my hand,
every detail,every entity of my fingers;
then looked back to admire my work,
when i learnt a lesson that still lingers...

The irregular length of my fingers,
not only taught me about the ups and downs;
but also gave the lesson of how
5 diverse things live united without a frown...

My smooth pink nails said the story
of how they don't even complain,
when a part of them grown in excess
is curtailed away causing a bit of pain....

The changing lines of my palm
assured me of the fact-
that even destiny can be changed,
if life is dealt with courage and tact....

The way I could twist my hand
unveiled an important value from its cover,
of how even the hardest of bones
can bend before your will power...

Lastly the small unnoticed mole
put forth its own tale,
The way to life is built by small successes
so NEVER, ever be afraid to fail....


  1. God!! difficult to believe that this is a 15 yr old girl's writings... count me as a fan.

  2. wonderful!!! such commanding control over words n verses is very unlikely for a 15 yr old. keep going.

  3. you are 15, you did well.
    keep it up.

  4. Wow! It's really beautiful, insightful and unique!:)

  5. @anil bava thanks a lot. though you dont read my blog these days :P
    @rajesh mauvayya thanks!!

    @Taylor. thanks you. i am 16 now though :P

    @tarang. im really glad you liked it. thanks for visiting my blog :)


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