The hidden me.......

I come across something and see;
an image that looks like a distorted me...
Amazingly similar, shockingly free;
Full of delight,humming like a bee....

It makes me wonder, 
who is she?
brimming with life,
perfectly resembling me!!

Do I stand before a cracked mirror
and see myself in a new form?
or is it my reflection in water 
which due ripples seems like a wriggling worm.

or is she a twin of mine?
suddenly sprouted from a place unknown;
having the same round face, same brown eyes
and the same confident tone....

whoever she is,whatever her source
she is a complete opposite of me;
where I'm a struggler, she is a survivor
a person who i would desire to be.

Then I think in a different way
and come to realise that she,
hold the aspirations that lay
deep inside me....

That we are the same, but we play the game
in two different ways
head and tail of the same coin,
having the same thing to say...

She is the hidden me
peeping and trying to come out
a person i can be, only if i strive hard
and this is what the story is all about.....


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