My tormenting heart....

Morning awaits clear and bright
but my heart somehow reclines in fright
the danger unforseen looms in the way
then how can I be happy and gay?

Pristine flakes cover my path
but i think about the aftermath
my heart warns about the thorns in there
guiding me to go elsewhere...

My feet bleed, staining the snow
I try to walk, though i know
the correct path is way behind
the confusion almost makes me blind...

I stagger as I find my way
indecisin is clear down the bay
I ignore my desire, struggling inside
waiting in agony till it subsides...

My mind smiles at its gain
but my heart chokes with pain
internal anguish makes me realise
that I've not taken a step wise...

Throttling your dreams makes you die
burning ur tears so you cant even cry
better stay happy pusuing your dreams
then regret every time your heart screams....


  1. Great NSK.............really just amazing poetry.....the rhyme scheme is lovely !!!!


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