I know what i am....

I know what i am.... but the realisation sometimes comes before me in such startling and sudden ways that im left blank and expressionles. As i sit and type here, my mind is overflowing with so many emotions that they are threatning to break and come out. But it will leave me exposed, vulnerable, baring the real kirti; hidden behind all the merry facade. I need someone badly, someone who will understand me completely, hug me, assure me everything ia all right. I know that wordscant soothe me, but knowing that there is someone who loves me, cares for me, is enough... more than enough.... But at the end of the day i stand where i was before. Alone. Its weird to say and write all this when i am surrounded by wonderful parents, loving brother and loyal friends; but in such moments i feel as if i am completely bereft and solitary...


  1. perhaps deep within everyone is the same, insecure and all tht...but most people are not sensitive enough to realize that....u remind me very much of myself when i was of ur age!! probably haven't changed much from then


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