All I feel like doing these days is playing Tetris battle on Facebook.
Gone are my plans of writing a new short story, typing the one I have kept pending for what seems like ages, making the blog posts I have been planning since exams, watching a cart-load of movies, reading all my new novels and participating in BAT.

But, Tetris has spoiled all my plans(not that I complain) and all I do all day long is jog in the morning, solve a practice paper for WBJEE, read a bit of the novel and play Tetris or brood.

Despite this monotone, I feel depressed. And depressed like hell. it's not even something I feel like sharing; its one of those blue times when you would rather sit alone and think your life sucks.

The upcoming competitive exams are scaring the shit out of me. I don't even remember class 11 physics; I think i will probably end up doing just math and chemistry in every exam. I wish I weren't giving so many exams. It just gets me scared and depressed even more.

I cant write and this scares me. Drowning my pain in Tetris, that's what I am doing these days.
I dont even feel like talking to people anymore. Cooped up all day long- thats what i am doing these days.

Wish this phase would end. But even if it does, wont it start into something similar?
I wonder, I wonder very much.

Sigh. what a depressing post!
hoping to get well soon(cuz I am definitely sick of myself and my thoughts at present)



  1. Get Well Soon! :P :D
    I hate those games on facebook... I've been on FB since 3-4 years but never played a game on it (expect Crazy Cabbie :P) .. But I'm surely addicted to FB.. ! :P
    Ya, I too think Life really sucks.. I know nothing, whats happening all around.. but that is LIFE ! it really teaches us so many things.. ! :D so chillax... everything's gonna be alright! :D

    PS - Submit Your Blog : Coolest Blog Contest 2012

  2. Everyone is addicted to one thing or the another
    just don't forget to keep your priorities straight

    do keep sharing :)

  3. hahahah Kirti! Little one..!! :D I was laughing badly when I read life sucks.. :D sometimes addiction is good..! don't worry about it..! just make sure you do what you are supposed to do when the day ends and everything is going to be fine! :)

  4. Hope you get de addicted soon!! And pass your exams with flying colors.
    And write those short stories, please, I am addicted to them.

  5. Kiri.. we all go through phases like that. The good part is you realise that this is eating up your time and this is not your goal. I have gone through these "driftting" times a hundred times before I actually did what made me happy. You will get out of this as long as you are ready to move on..

  6. Oh so it is not just me...I can't write either. Stupid post-exams syndrome...KILL ME!!!

  7. Ahhh!!! Your going through one of those horribly depressing and self loathing phase, aren't you???

    Just got out of mine :p Things will be okay, just hang in there

  8. I can understand what exactly you are/were going through.


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