How long?

In this darkness
that doesn't seem to end,
below this sky
with my tiny hope spent;
My heart reclines
in the corner of a hole,
searching for stars
that once were its own.
Dreaming nights
with a lingering croon,
forging dreams
on the silvery moon...

But in the blue horizon
I lost the trace of my love,
lost the purpose of my fight;
How long do I search 
without a light,
my eyes become darkness
with sleeping in the dark...
How long do I wait
for the place I belong,
with all my nerves screaming-
I may not be so strong...
How long will I crouch, 
battling the unknown,
for in my heart
there are no corners,
just holes...

I know this is a passing phase... I know this will end...
but the question is WHEN?
How long of these mood swings, this indecisiveness, this random feeling of guilt, regret, disappointment?
And the exams havent even started yet.
I guess I know the answer- June 7th when all my exams would finally end... but God.. that is so far... so.. far.

yet another depressing post :P
sorry people!


  1. I love the poem :D.
    Seriously ;) :D.
    It just makes a lot of sense :).

    Being in the same position but in a different way :) :D.
    Good job :D :).

  2. I want to just scream and curl up somewhere and keep on blaming the whole universe :-P
    or watch movies.

    Just not be like this, if you know what I mean.

  3. Nicely written. Simple and straight from the heart.

  4. hahahaha.... nice poem... very well expressed feelings... :P

    and yea, my doom days are about to begin ! :P lolxD

  5. I loved the poem but lol couldn't digest the fact that the depression is due to exams ! ;) ;) :P
    I can't console you any further,exams are necessary evil :D
    Nicely written!
    Keep writing,even if it means writing such depressed poems till 7th june!:D
    P.S : My exams starting next week, give me a high-five!:P

  6. Wish the darkness disappears soon.
    just cling on to whatever hope and joy you have!
    Eat chocolates and Ice cream, that will surely help!
    Nicely expressed thoughts, the kind everyone experiences during exams.
    Take Care!

  7. this poem makes so much sense and meaning
    well all the best for ue exams
    do keep writing

  8. Hey nice poem. But this deserves to be for something more than exams. Nonetheless...all the best

  9. @Pooja thanks dear :)

    @Antara baming the universe? seems like a good idea :P
    and i know what you mean. sigh :(

    @Prince Taurus thanks!

    @TF thank you TF.

    @Ankit you felt like LAUGHING over this? weirdddddd. thankd anyways.

    @Kinara hehe :P oh its just an accumulation of things over the days. but the deeper things neednt be discussed on my blog right? i dont want to scare my readers oof :P :P ;)
    necessary evil? sigh :P
    and Hi Five!!! *though its coming a bit late* :P :P

    @DS I wish so too. and haha! ice cream i am sure eating in cartloads :P
    thanks DS!

    @Rahul thanks Rahul :)

    @Ekta. welcome to my blog Ekta! and thanks! oh this was all the vent up feelings pouring out in a gush :P
    and thanks a lot :)


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