A milestone? Or just another post? whichever

I have been delaying this post for a while, partly because I didn't know what should go in a special post and partly because my current mindset didn't allow me write anything that wasn't depressing.

I was afraid that this post would probably follow the series of mindless chatter too(the process has started I think :P) and so I have been delaying it since time immemorial.

I wont beat around the bush, or even try to be cheery and hyper-excited over this; I don't like pretense and after two screwed up competitive exams and plenty of shocks thrown in together I wonder if I can stop being blue in a long time.

Although every post I make on my blog is special in its own way to me, this post is extra special because its my 100th post.

I still don't have any idea how I make this memorable, so I just keep on typing with the hope that a brilliant idea will hit me like lightning on my head :P

Blogging for me started with an 8-liner on Facebook and a very encouraging cousin's insistence that I should find a better way of compiling my poems. And something that started as a simple way to share my poetry became a hobby, a passion.

Blogging has given me a space to express my thoughts, to share my feelings without being reproached, to learn with no boundaries and more importantly a whole new environment where I could see MYSELF growing- as a writer, as a person.

I still have along way to go, a lot more to discover, a lot more to experience with every poem I write, every story I pen down.
But I would take this opportunity to thank a few people who helped me come this long on the path on blogging-

My cousin, Anil who got me STARTED in this world. I cant ever thank him enough; it was like he showed me a place where I could breathe.

Antara, for being my most awesomest reader and friend, for editing my stories, for bearing with my rants, for being wonderful in general, for being someone I can tell anything(and I start again :P) You get the idea :P

Arpita for thinking I was some reincarnation of John Keats :P For telling everyone she meets that I own a blog, for the critique on my stories which is so much needed; I sway from reality such a lot. For being a great best friend and a hugely intelligent and sensible person :)

Sushmita for reading my blog even though she doesnt have a net connection in the place she has shifted to. For being my best friend and such a selfless, wonderful person. For keeping up with my OBSESSION Abhimanyu(I should include Antara and Sattu in this too :P) for not groaning at the insane way my stories would twist and for prodding me to complete whatever story I had left incomplete.

Satadipa(Sattu), for being a devoted reader though she doesn't comment :P for hearing out the plots of my stories and the rants I have to make about this or that all the time. Oh yes, also for being one of my most loved and loving friends. For being warm, supporting, funny, caring :)

Leo for helping me grow in poetry. For the interesting topics I got to write on and also for making me write Haiku(read believing I could write a Haiku :P) Oh and yes, for being such a wonderful Poet.

DS for being a dedicated reader of my blog, for loving my stories no matter what crap I write :P for being such a wonderful person and writer in general (btw, you havent written a poem yet) For all the support when  I am depressed and for the insistence to type my stories!

Indiblogger for giving such a wonderful platform for blogging and getting me so MANY talented and wonderful blogger friends :)

All my readers whose comment love keeps me going, gives me the enthusiasm to write. I could mention them all one by one, but that would make this post so long!

TF gave  this wonderful review for my blog which gave me pure pleasure to read. So I take this chance to thank him too :) you can read the review here

With this I end here, with the hope that I keep on blogging because it truly has become a part of me :) 


  1. Congrats on your 100th post. Finally it's here :-P

    PS: I thought your 100th would be a story featuring Abhimanyu. :-P

  2. Thankyou Ritvik!! yes, I am really happy now :)

    PS: you thought that? damn! how did you read my mind :P

  3. Your stories are not crap, I cant hear anything against them!!
    And Congrats on the 100th post, you seemed to have struggled like Sachin lately in getting there, but the class act that you are, you were destined to get there sooner or later!
    And poem, hmmm...

  4. Ahhh you are such a wonderful reader of mine DS!!! I am so lucky!
    and yeah- struggled? a HELL lot :P and me a class act?? LOL :P
    and haan. bas hmmmmm hi karte raho

  5. Mera aur poems ka dur dur tak koi nata nahi... Especially likhne ki baat ho tab...

  6. Congrats, Kirti. I wanted to write a post like this on my 50th. Somehow was not in a mood: missed it. Then again wanted to do at my 100th. Again no mood. Maybe I will take a leaf out of your book and do it now with my blog finishing 4 years in 4 days and 150th post due now.

  7. @DS choro. tumse behas karna bekaaaar hai.

    @TF well DO write one for your 150th post! and thanks! it took me a while to write this one.
    thanks for the visit!

  8. Kirti Didi, wonderfully written :D

    And more importantly you got there so FASTTTTT......the Coveted Century !!

    Keep writing more.....and though I don't get enough time to read everything, whatever I set my eyes upon are marvellous....:)

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  10. Congrats on finally reaching 100 posts ;) (emphasis on "finally") :D

    Well, even I was expecting either a Abhimanyu story or a verse, but well, 100th is 100th ;)

    Good, now waiting for it to reach 200 :) Lots and lots of poems and stories and memories to be shared I think. Good to have met you and given you topics for your journey so far. Hope to be around you as you go ahead :D

    Happy blogging!

  11. I still remember the day I got to know that you have a blog and I jumped with joy thinking that now at last I have a friend by me with whom I can share my blogging journey :)

    And about the writing inspiration? Don't worry girl...it'll come. Don't force it.

  12. @Anwesh good to see you here. and FAST? i took one and a half years for this. though never knew i would come so far when i started blogging. so feel great!
    and thanks!

    @Rahul Thank you!

    @Leo haha! :P An Abhimanyu story? well i try and keep him far from my stories now :P and well, i hope i DO reach 200th :P
    its great to have met you too. and i KNOW you will be around :P

    @Antara you really jumped?? aaah! :P and yessss. i was thrilled to the core too :) still am :)
    and it HAS to come. nahi?? :P


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