For the light came too late...

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Or maybe... it never came for some of us...

God is the one I look up to now.
Peace is all He can give us...
and maybe... a stronger heart...

This is in the remembrance of a GOOD guy. A strong person. A brilliant mind.
But even the strongest of us go under the cog wheels of life sometimes...

you chose to leave us too soon, but you will be always remembered.

From the entire class 12 batch


  1. Quite sad to leave the planet so young!

    I have a surprise for you on my blog.. A little something for my favourite blogger...

  2. Kirti, its really very sad. got to know about last night and was crying since then. why did he have to do all that to himself? why?
    being brilliant seems is not always a boon! sometimes it turns out to be a curse when you have a little less emotional quotient

    Just no words to describe how we feel Atish without you. Atish you will be sincerely remembered by all of us as that laughing, smiling, gushing, brilliant, serious guy. we will all remember you always.

  3. @Gayathri. yeah. it is sad. thanks for the award Gayathri :)

    @Ipsi. Ipsi... i still dont know how to digest it. why did he have to take this step yaar. Imagine the plight of his parents... i still cant believe it.I couldnt sleep til late last night.
    I just cant digest it ipsi... :'( :'(
    yes you will always be remembered Atish. May you rest in peace...

  4. When I heard it...I just felt my legs giving in.
    I wish he had opened up...had not kept stuff inside him all the time.
    It feels so unreal.

  5. This is just sad.
    Heartfelt post.

  6. That is really sad. May he rest in peace and God give strength to his family.

  7. soulful post! god is decider nothing in our hands! we can pray only for the strength & peace!

  8. @Antara I can understand the feeling. believe me it was like that for me too... and i wish that too. wish he had told SOMEONE. but would they have understood? sigh

    @DS I know. we were all in a shock.

    @Saru Di. good to see you here after a long time Saru Di. and it still feels so unreal.

    @Ankit :(

    @Soumya Good to see you here Soumya after a long time!
    and truly, nothing is in our hands...


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