My eyes-the truth within

My eyes hold dark pools of nostalgia,
sneak into them and see the images;
but be careful not to disturb them,
for tarnished memories wipe away the lovely faces.....

My eyes hold infinite emotions,
each fabricating its own tale;
but do not try to play with them,
for each hurt makes them fade and pale.....

My eyes hold the thread of dreams,
each one having a colorful hue;
but these loose ends scatter everywhere,
the ones that get knotted are very few......

My eyes hold the mirror of truth,
crystal clear and once so bright;
but the shadow of fear is lurking behind,
making them close and recline in fright.......

My eyes hold the key to my heart,
every evidence of life hidden inside;
but facing the world and its harsh norms,
it is better if I let them hide.....


  1. i was always a poet mohit... i just didnt let it come out....plz do keep a track on my sure u will like them...

  2. great work kirti
    try to post some short fictional work apart from ur wonderful poems.

  3. outstanding!!
    emotions and passions all rounded up in a single strand :-)

  4. This is very dreamy. I like.

  5. @shyam thank you. you are very kind :)

    @tigerbrite thanks. im glad you liked it. thank you for visiting my blog :)

  6. Very nice poetic read it was. :)

    I got to know about you from The Poetic Palace.



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